Pre-Season game 1, at Hamilton

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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday that they will be providing a free live video stream of tonight’s preseason game versus the Ottawa Redblacks, including audio from new radio partner CKOC 1150. TSN’s CFL television personalities Rod Black and Chris Schultz will call the action from Tim Horton’s Field. The live stream will be available exclusively on the new, completely redesigned at Kick-off is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. EST.
Well, it's SOMETHING! Let's check that out. :rockin:

I wish I hadn't checked it out............... :roll:

Another pre-season game on Saturday? the problem is it will be Ottawa's final pre-season game and they will want to play their starters but for Montreal it's their first pre-seaosn game and they will likely want to play their backups.

Yeah, the schedule is a little weird like that...

Last night was disappointing. I know that most of the receiver acquisitions weren't around, as well as several defensive linemen, but it brought back too many bad memories. Carter and Henry drop passes, Travis Brown whiffing on a sack...

At least Campbell sounded a little pissed for a change. And some of these guys needed a jolt of reality. Brandon Macdonald said something about owning this league this season and I saw something about Pruneau predicting 12 wins. I like the confidence and enthusiasm, but pre-season or not, most of those guys looked like ass last night and I hope it does them some good.

Thank you very much for that link. I connected my projector to my laptop and voila !!! Instant TV. I was able to catch the whole game and wasn't expecting to see it all. It was a very disappointing game. Even for a pre-season game. I expected to see some progress but didn't see much difference. Carbon copy of last season and they did not look ready for a game yet. I was more impressed with O'brien than the other QB's. I'm not overly impressed with Ottawa's QB staff. I hope Burris can step it up this season, otherwise it's going to be another long one. I'm not impressed with Chevon Walker either. I was surprised they let go Roy Finch, I thought Finch was better than Walker. The problem with Walker is that he gets stopped dead in his tracks and does not have the power or the weight to knock guys down and go through them. Just some observations.

This is why he was left unprotected by Hammy. He has great open field speed but cant get tough yards.

I guess Jeremiah Johnson didn't play at all? I don't recall seeing him on the list of guys who didn't make the trip. I hope he gets the bulk of the carries going forward. He was productive at the end of the year and seems more well-rounded.

Walker's first game since going down last September, it's an exhibition game, he's not running full speed and he's playing behind an "O" line with mostly backups. It's the "O" lines reponsibilty to push back the "D" line on a 3rd and short and allow the running back to gain the yardage.
He's out there to get a bit of game playing time and a taste of being hit for the first time in 9 months, not to rack up 100 yard rushing or fight for short yardage in a nothing game. Don't read too much into this.

But it's not a new thing. He just dances too much for my liking.