Pre Season Football Talk

The Als are comin to town - in Winnipeg that is. Been awhile, but glad to watch the game tomorrow.


Even if it is just preseason....really looking forward to it! Wish the league could manage to pull forward a bit and the NFL back...but that is a whole different topic.

Loving that ball is back!

It does seem like an especially early start this year, but it's really only one week at most. We're only 3 weeks away from the first game of the season and there Als/Bombers game is on tomorrow! It's finally here!

That 1 week is nice. I see no reason that couldn’t push it 1 more, but that would likely be about it because of the draft. Until/unless the NFL moves their draft there is little hope of more.

An alternative option to starting the season early that I think would be unique is moving the season earlier and the draft as is or even move it later and have a bye week for all teams during the draft…say week 5 or 6. Having that week off they could market the draft a lot better and get better ratings from it.

In turn players could still negotiate contract for anything beyond the first year, but the 1st year would be a fixed rate based on draft position. All rookies could then be with the team and receive full salary and be non counters. Locking in that 1st year of salary means they couldn’t do any funny business like paying an SMS exempt 200k in the first year and 55/season after that. You could further initiate a clause that if they make the 46 man roster for say 6+ games that their salary counted against the cap.

I think it would be a unique way of giving NI rookies a longer look at no cap hit and seeing if late rounders develop more than expected over that time.

Beautiful sunny morning here in the 'peg to set the annual 'tone of eternal optimism' for Bomber fans! No reason why we can't start the season this early every year.

Watch the game tonight from IGF and get a sample of what this league is all about! :rockin:

Queue the negative comments from the losers in 3..2...1...

Is Rod Black doing PxP tonight???

If he is, Here are the Official Rod Black Drinking Game Rules

There is only one rule when Rod Black is doing PxP:

Mute the TV and tune in to local radio coverage (CJOB tonight).

I will be hammered by the end of the 1st quarter.

Finally a decent sport to watch on TV. I hate hockey it's such a boring sport.
I just wish the season could start earlier. Would love to see the season start 1st of May and two more games in the season wouldn't kill these guys.

Is CJOB the one that is used on Sirius? I asume so. I personally would rather tune in to Rod than that. The comentary is fine and all, but the times I have listened to it the color commentary was pretty monotone and humdrum. I actually rather like listenning to games on the radio, but haven't had great appeal to the Bomber coverage. A couple times when listening it was a very close game late and the Bombers would make a big play and there was nothing for elevated tone or excitement from would be the same if the opposition made a big play. The actual coverage and discussions seem fine, but for me I prefer a little more energy when it is audio only.

You have to wonder what kind of football we are going to get 8 days into a CFL training camp :lol:

So... Rod it is for you :lol:

The Bombers haven't produced a lot to get excited about but I have to agree, other teams' home coverage tend to have more enthusiastic play by play. I have a lot of respect for Bob Irving but I sense he feels the pain most Bomber fans do...

Oh yeah...I get that. Most people can just turn it off or watch half heartedly...he can't LOL
but my point was in close games i've heard it...even when they started off hot and were 6-0 or whatever it seemed like that. Granted I watch or go to more games than listen to, so I don't have a massive swath of comparison, but still

OMG! can you say Alcohol Poisoning! You think this board is dead right now ... if we all start playing that game we should start a "Dead pool" too ... see which poster lives the longest, while participating in this game. I don't give any of us more than the first week of pre-season!

Maybe we can convince Big Dave to run that alongside the VGC?


Were about to find out there Halifax fan.

I doubt i'll watch the entire game, but nice to see some football back on the tube.

sacrilege to not watch the first game! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful toss from Cato, I am so happy just to be watching football I even gave a little cheer for the Als - excuse me while I go repent.

Glad that the first replay was a pretty good one. Hope it is a sign of things to come.

Pretty respectable game thus far for a 1st preseason game with 8 or whatever days of practice.