Pre-Season C- Ottawa at Montreal

As per the training camp report for day 18, Tom Higgins announced that he intends to use kicker Delbert Alvarado during the first half of Friday's pre-season game; Sean Whyte will take his place in the second half.

I will definitely watch these two kickers; for me, the ideal situation would be to dress these 2 players during regular season; I will be surprised if the 2 are not on the 46 man active roster.

Sor far, I see the 46 man active roster composed of:

International Players; I expect 24 or 25 on active roster.

QBs: 3, including Brink as newcomer.
RBs: 2. Could also be 1 on active and 1 on 1 week injured list. Sutton won't play friday, due to injury.
WRs: 4, including Chad Johnson as newcomer.
KR: Tyron Carrier or Larry Taylor. 1 could be on 1 week injured list.
Defensive linemen: 4, including Jermaine McElveen and Chris Wilson as newcomers.
Linebackers: 4. I don't expect Diamond Ferri amongst these 4; could be on 1 game injured.the 4 are: Cox,Hebert, Lavarias and Venable.
Defensive back: 5, including Chris Smith as newcomer or Jamaan Webb.
Offensive lineman: 1. Newcomer.
Punter/Kicker: Delbert Alvarado.

National Players; 1 expect 22 or 21 on active roster.

Offensive linemen: 6 or 7, including Ryan White and/or Jake Piotrowski.
Running Back: Steven Lumbala.
WRs/TEs: 3, including Dave Stala.
Long snapper: Martin Bedard.
Defensive linemen: 2 or 3.
Linebackers: 3, including newcomers Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard and James Tuck.
Defensive Backs: 3, including newcomer Andrew Lue. Marc-Olivier Brouillette is included in this group.
Punter/Kicker: Sean Whyte.

I definitely don't expect Michael to be on the active roster; Daryl Townsend is also a question mark, He could be and Lue could be on 1 game injured list.

In total, I expect no less than 7 and as many as 9 players on 1 game injured list.


According to Herb's piece today, Higgins would like, ideally, to dress only one kicker. So while I too would want both Alvarado and Whyte dressed, I won't hold my breath.

I would hope that Alverado will be selected. I too was disappointed as, I thought that, together, we would have a competition to examine. Still no actual replacement for Emery but, will likely we will have an Internat replacing him. This means that we might likely not dress an Internat to replace Whyte for punting, long FGs and, kickoffs.

According to Herb,“running-back Tyrell Sutton was placed on the 6 game injured list on Thursday,suffering from a hamstring injury.” Brandon Whitaker may be held out of tomorrow’s game,due to sore legs. Brandon Rutley will get plenty of playing time.


Whitaker already having injury issues again? Not a great sign.

With Messam gone, they would be wise to stay deep at the RB position.

Oui. Lumbala pourrait jouer plus gros cette saison qu'il ne le croyait. En cas de blessures, il pourrait voir plus de jeu qu'il ne pensait et devra performer pour pouvoir mieux négocier son prochain contrat. D'un autre côté, on a vu l'an dernier ce que Messam peut donner et je ne crois pas que les Alouettes devaient le garder. Il a été un feu de paille, finalement.

I have to admit, even though it's only a preseason game, I am really looking forward to seeing what Troy Smith can do with a full camp behind him, in an offense that wasn't designed by idiots.

That would almost have to be Alvarado then but the roster spots are now available.Really absolutely no reason to not uses one or two National spots on a Kicker and punter or One DI and One National. Teams will tend to lean to a do it all kicker whose first specialty if Place kicking. Calgary, SASK, have proven to make it better. BC has seen the imprtance by signing Schmidt.
Walters May be the best at both where is Medlock was not all that great a punter first time through we will see if the Ti Cats make an adjustment is needed.
That is an old mind set dating back to the days of a 30 some roster. If you are goping to be super spcialized with a long snapper what good is he if the punting sucks.

Well, exactly! That's a great way to put it. It's very hidebound to me. We should be aiming to field the best product we can using the resources we've been given. Would we like one Canadian to do a great job in all three elements of the kicking game? Sure we do. But that world doesn't exist. In the world we have, Whyte is not the answer at punter. We have two extra active roster spots thanks to the new CBA. Use one to keep both kickers around. In the future, when we can draft or acquire someone who can credibly do all three jobs, go nuts. But for now, don't make your team weaker out of a piddling, myopic attitude to allocating one single extra spot to your kicking game.

Not going to watch the second half. This is embarrassing. You know who looks like an expansion team? WE DO. I don't care who wins or loses the game, but we got eviscerated in this half on both sides of the ball by an expansion team composed mainly of other teams' rejects.

On offense, BLARG. Smith was awful. His deep ball was terrible (at least 3 badly overthrown balls), he had happy feet most snaps, and he clearly wasn't varying his snap cadence, because Ottawa was teeing off on him every play. Rutley showed some decent things but overall, the run-blocking was not great (looking at you, Sweet). The playcalling was vanilla and predictable, same old garbage from last year. No picks or rubs, nothing to misdirect.

On defence, either Mark Nelson took our playbook to Ottawa or Thorpe spent the offseason eating cheetos instead of refining and expanding the play packages. Ottawa moved the ball on us at will, slicing up the middle of the field. Zero pressure on Burris, no ability to defend the goal line even once. Gainey was undressed on that Matt Carter catch. Brouillette sucks at safety. I have no idea why we're even thinking of playing him there when Edem is categorically better and both are nationals.

Yes, I know, it's preseason. But every team is vanilla in preseason. Ultimately, in a battle of starter against starter, we got our a$$es handed to us by an expansion team. That is not good.

Well ol' Smilin' Hank appears to be in mid-season form. Troy Smith????? Who's responsible for that? Him? Our new (ahem!) OC??? Not much shown on D, either.

Now the 2nd and 3rd stringers will be playing against other 2nd and 3rd stringers. What possible useful conclusions can be drawn from that?

Only 2 pre-season games? Bah, humbug!

People are going to say, Henry Burris is a future Hall of Famer. Fair enough. But you know what he doesn't have? Our group of receivers, or our caliber O-line. What just happened over the past 30 minutes is hugely concerning.

But hey, sure, let's keep pretending that putting a guy with one year's experience as a QC film monkey in charge of our offense is a good idea.

Troy Smith, you have a long way to go to prove that you're not Michael Bishop v2.0.

WTF? Is it going to be another juste pour rire season? Not impressed, not impressed at all. Guess they will not steal attention from the World Cup after all.

I tell you what, if I am Tom Higgins, I tear a strip off the players in the locker room, and off the coaches behind closed doors. To be manhandled like that by an expansion team, in your own ballpark, is unacceptable.

Troy smith needs to be much more consitent no doubt but playing without who is supposed to be their starting RB will have an effect. If Sutton is already on the 6 game and if whitaker is already injured that is not a good start.
He is going to have to get the timing down with the deep pass with his receivers. It may take time but the first 6 games are there for them to get that.

Steve, I'm not writing him off, but he showed absolutely nothing in that half of football to make me feel confident about the offence. No pocket presence, no accuracy, no QB smarts (vary the cadence of your snap count, for God's sake!), and very poor pre-snap reads. Ottawa kept showing blitz and dropping off into zone and he was still rushing his throws. He's not a 24-year-old, he's 30. I didn't expect him to go 15/17 for 200 yards and 4 passing TDs, but I did expect him to give us, as fans, something to hang our hats on.

In any case, yes, you're right, we'll wait six games into the season before judging, but boy, neither offence nor defence look pro caliber right now.

Alvarado look very good the first half. Intersting combo with Kyle Graves as his holder. Graves adding being a good holder to his resume will help his case to go with a TD pass this pre season already.

Your right. you just dont want it to become a mental thing with with Smith where he begins to think too much