Pre-season begins in earnest

With free agency upon us and re-signings coming fast and furious the rosters are taking shape. Most of the key players are back in the fold so to speak. Chris Edwards, Ouellette and a couple of receivers still out there but maybe the team is moving on. Andrew Harris and Henoc Muamba will probably take their time deciding their future, but I don't believe they're going anywhere else except retirement. I have no idea what MBT is up to, I respect his decision what ever it is but the team will have to maybe make that choice for him as far as the Argos are concerned. I'm ok with Kelly with a veteran backup or a 1A 1B scenario. So I'm already for a "surprise" FA signing so take it away Pinball and team. Eugene Lewis or Kenny Lawler would look good in double blue. Looks like a very deep draft coming up this year. Last year I hoped the top three picks would be Tre Ford, Knight and Adebobouge and was pleasantly surprised. Except Ford could maybe have become a star in Toronto. This year my top three picks are DB Jon Sutherland, WR Clark Barnes and DT Reece Martin. But am ok if a certain OL they really like is available at number 9. I just think most of the top ones will be gone to the NFL or already picked but you never know. Another factor nobody seems to mention is that teams need to retain enough veteran Americans for the new ratio rules.


Well I guess my top three picks are out the windows already. But Jordan Williams as our top pick this year is a winner IMO. Would seem to point to Muamba retiring. I believe he wants to get into media somewhere, and what better way than doing colour commentary on the Argo radio broadcasting with Mike Hogan to start with. Ryan Dinwiddie said something in an interview after the season that kind of puzzled me. He mentioned something to the affect of the DLine needed some pieces added in the off season.
That got me thinking somebody or more won't be back on that DLine. The tackles are ok in my books. Smith is re-signed at one end. That leaves Davis and Ray as somebody they planned on moving on from. Makes sense, they didn't get their money's worth out of Davis IMO and Ray can't stay healthy. One player of interest for me at DE as a FA would be Julian Howsare of the TiCats. Most of the players brought in at the end of last season didn't exactly light it up IMO. Maybe Ali Fayad would be worth another look in TC I thought he showed some promise off the edge. They signed a NFL veteran Moore late as well and others are being recruited no doubt. Maudlin would have been high on my want but Ottawa re-signed him. Good for them. Anybody heard anything on who might be coming or going on the D Line?

A couple of guys you did not mention are Dewayne Hendrix and Shawn Oakman who I think will both be back. The key to the Grey Cup win was the play of the Argos D line imo.

I can see Davis moving on as a prized FA but think they can fill his spot with a couple of less expensive players already on the roster. Internal development is a beautiful thing. Almost seems they are looking at Calgary.

[quote="DoubleBlue, post:2, topic:83794"]
That got me thinking somebody or more won't be back on that DLine. The tackles are ok in my books
[/quot. "The tackles are ok in my books"

Nice addition to the locker room today with Andrew Harris. I wish him a healthy season.

Not to say they should not have already signed Ouellette which I think will happen.

I wonder if there might be interest in Daniel Adeboboye seeing more action and potentially letting Ouellette go to a higher bidder. Having three good backs is a luxury and good planning.

Hi Argo fans... Came to check out how you guys feel about your signings... So far as a ticat fan I am liking both Ticat signings and Argo signings because it gives the East something to look forward to. What I mean by that is with the Montreal situation i think they will be bottom of the East and Ottawa has not signed 1 receiver for Masoli to throw to yet. This season will come down to the battle of the QEW once again not just the 4 games but how each team does against the rest of the league. It will be either Toronto in 1st and hosting the Ticats in the East Finals or the Ticats hosting the Argos in the East Finals.

The only thing that I worry is i know Chad Kelly got in all games last season. But his experience last year I wish the whole league got to see more out of him. If MBT does not come back I dont know if Kelly is ready to be starter but I like what DoubleBlue said about the 1A and 1B plan. Have 2 Qbs and split the playbook and different scenarios between both Qbs. This way Kelly gets more experience and then by 2024 next season he can be starter.

I can see them playing much the same as last year when Harris is in the lineup. Ouellette also plays on ST's as well I believe. Good 1 2 punch.

Argos sign a good player in Pickett who will be a replacement for Edwards I presume. DE's Orimolade and Costigan don't have the big names status that Davis and Ray were suppose to have, but their stats were better in 2022. Good rotation with Smith on the ends. FB Villimizar kind of an unknown but he has great size at 6'3 237. I guess we will find out. Was kind of hoping Eugene Lewis would be added but there's a limit to everything with the SC. Ciraco signing was a bit of a surprise. He has been a starter so where does he fit in. Maybe Nicastro's knee hasn't healed as good as they thought. Nice to have this depth but where do they all play?

Noticed Shawn Oakman is playing with the L.A. Wildcats which is literally a big hit for the Argos. Dexter McCoil was another recognizable name on a different roster.

Quite a few in all if you go through the game stats.

I think that is a 2020 year schedule and roster Carlos.

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Thank you. That explains quite a lot and not the first time I have been fooled watching American football which I rarely do. Game stats should not be so hard to find plus I am still learning the names which is why I was looking for game stats.

Happy for the Argos that Oakman is under contract. I see Shayne Ray is still listed as a FA.

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