Pre-season action.....

....Time to get this season underway....Looks like Brink and Elliott will be the qbs. against Mont....I don't put much stock in pre-season other than the coaches are getting a chance to start separating the wheat from the chaff....I'm looking forward in seeing how our O line holds up with a new slate of players inserted....I hope all the newbies get a good amount of playing time to be properly assessed (although it isn't always easy to give everyone a real good look)...A lot of our first stringers are staying home but a few people of interest will be Mathews (receiver) Simpson (running back/returner) Washington (db) and of course the new hogs...Nows the time for them to show their stuff....Too bad the game isn't televised ...I'll have to give Bob Irving a dial-up on OB..At least Bob gives a take of some value...GOBOMBERS :thup:

Fitting our first points come from a FG after being first & goal.

Sears having quite the second half.

Along with Dorzon, Doe, and Washington sounded (radio) pretty good in the first half.

...Especially Washington...How are we going to fit in all of this defensive talent :roll: ...We are loaded in the receiving corps...Probably a few teams waiting for our late cuts...namely a Sask. guy, who was a great believer in letting others find the talent and squandering draft pics...He now waits with bated breath :lol: :lol:...Make em pay Joe

Not much for highlights to see. Based on the radio call of the game, the Bombers had a few guys step up, Washington, Doe, Dorzon, Sears, Parker, Carrol, thought Elliot played well too, Pierce and Mathews and Kolhert, quite a few actually.

...looks like the Bombers have exposed a few weaknesses on the Als. squad and they are beginning to jettison...Ferri,Boulay,also join the cast of the fallen...This looks like the start of a rebuild....BUT they should feel confident in that still have Popp to dig up some talent, of course in conjunction with Rheinbold..Now that should make them feel all warm and fuzzy :lol: :lol:

I'd be more than a little concerned with that defence and it's new leader if I were an Als fan.

No cuts today.........have to wait till tomorrow I guess.

.....A lot of our starters are going to get some game action tonight against the Cats...Here's where the rubber really hits the road and the final roster gets set for us...Who shows-up and who gets a ticket out of town...Going to be interesting on a few fronts :wink:


I mean, sure, we're undergoing a massive rebuild on defense with a new coordinator, which is always reason to be concerned. But on paper, the first-team defense has done well in preseason despite missing two key d-linemen (Bowman and Hopkins). With the amount of LB talent we brought in, Ferri was on the bubble before TC even started. If and when Reinebold gives me cause to worry, I'll worry, but right now, he has a clean slate. Trestman hired him, and Trestman isn't an idiot.

Ah. But will JR be rolling out his 'high risk high reward' defense? :wink:

Don Matthews also ran a high-risk, high-reward defense, and he did pretty well with that. :wink:

I only have a bit of knowledge of Reinebold's time in Winnipeg, but whatever happened then, it was 15 years ago. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Jeff is likely a better coach now than he was then. He also has fewer responsibilities. He's the DC, not the HC. And Trestman evidently saw enough in Reinebold to give him the DC job.

If the defense produces, I don't care if it's high-risk and high-reward. :smiley:

JRs was somewhat less successful D&P. To be honest I'm very curious to see what he brings to the table this time around.

So am I Kubie. . . and I do remember Reinebold's time in Winnipeg. . . still have yet to figure out what in the world he saw in one T.J. Rubley. . .

So do I, Madjack, so do I.

This is probably the toughest year in many for cuts, a lot of real good young players in camp.

I agree, tough call on some of these cuts.. even guys like anderson and blount looked good out there.. sears,beasley,pasco,washington? like 2 of those guys are gone for sure.

I think mathews gets on the 42 man, i think adams gets on the 46. i think D pierce gets on the PR.

outside of that, i honestly have no clue, theres always a guy or 2 who is legit TCF.. just brought in as extra bodies to throw too or whatever, just because you need to bring in guys for "competition". This year, Man, any one of these guys could make the team.

RB- Dorzon to me, looked better than simpson and he returns kicks. Like who do you keep? you cant keep them both. can you? if going on what they did in the games, To me its dorzon.

....Going to be some tough decisions for Lapo and crew...Receiver being the toughest...We sure have brought in some decent talent....NOW ...who gets the apple and the roadmap...Taman is waiting patiently :lol: I sure hope we fix those stupid off-side penalties and get away from those slow starts..something that plagued us last year...Anyway looking forward to the opener in B.C.... :thup: ...Can someone tell me, when the cast of qbs., for this club have looked so good...A very good sign for the future :rockin:

Any idea how many Q.B.s' can be protected from Ottawa when they hold there player raid, errr I mean draft. Pretty sure it won't be more than 2. Will be interesting to see who gets protected and who is exposed from the Bombers.

...I think there's a couple of clubs eyeing our roster and there will probably be a deal for one of them long before Ottawa gets a shot at us....We could keep them all for now if they see fit to take a pr spot...Goltz wouldn't last year but he may be more agreeable this year...We'll see...I believe it is 2 protected, when they hold the raid uh...draft :lol: