Pre-season A game Montreal vs Hamilton 06/14

Depth chart is up

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Two things that stick out

  1. Bo Adebayo at defensive End ! (He must be on the bubble)
  2. We are in big trouble at MLB

Je n'accorderais pas trop d'importance à cette charte des positions. Cette partie est avant tout un exercice d'évaluation des joueurs, particulèrement des joueurs qui ne sont pas établis.

Qu'Adebayo en soit à un point crucial de sa carrière, ça me semble tout à fait être le cas. Il doit émerger ou se résigner à être au mieux un réserviste.

Pour ce qui est du poste de secondeur intérieur, je crois qu'on devra attendre la saison pour en juger. Ce n'est pas parce que cette charte est sortie que les joueurs qui y figurent comme secondeurs intérieurs seront ceux qui auront le poste. Le camp n'est pas terminé.

Une petite remarque qui me turlupine. Matthieu Proulx a trouvé que le niveau d'intensité des entraînements n'était pas assez élevé.

Alors que j'apprécie toujours lorsque la charte des positions est disponible, je n'y attache pas trop d'importance, surtout lors des matches hors-concours. Certains joueurs présentement sur la charte ne seront même pas en uniforme. Règle générale, les équipes visiteuses y inscrivent seulement les joueurs qui seront de la partie.. Ex. Toronto lundi dernier et BC ce soir.


What I find interesting about this chart, looks to me that it reflects where guys are at in terms of camp competition.

Klassen listed ahead of McElveen at DT, interesting! Facepalm to see how little depth we have at MLB. Thorpe & Higgins dropped the ball here, big time. Why the frack is Brouillette ahead of Edem at safety? That is nonsense. Brouillette is OK to back up at safety but he’s not a ball hawk.

I believe Edem lost his starting job towards the end of last year and into the playoffs. Too many silly penalties etc.

Lavarias is at MLB despite being listed at DE. Lets see what he can do. Vercheval has said MLB is like a DE in Thorpes defense.

Edem was injured early part of camp, I too would like to see him start, but Thorpe seems to place more confidence in Brouillette. If Edem back to form I can see them alternating.

Als flying by charter out of Sherbrooke to Hamilton. First time I can recall their doing that.

They would have had to bus to Montreal and then train to Hamilton. But still, wouldn`t a return charter cost in the $150,000-$200,000 range?

I was surprised when I did read it in the Gazette. Good decision but,yes, it should be expensive. Apparently they are coming back tomorrow night.


The Oline looks to stand to form with Matte indeed starting at LG.
4 Rec set with Carter and Johnson out wide and Greene and Richardson in the slot.
Whitaker sutton 1-2 at RB.
leaves that final rec/TE/FB spot to where Messam and Lumbala are listed as FB along with the Tow rookies.
The FB position for Messam and Lumbala will likley be a much different look then the two big Rookies who are of TE size.
The rest of the receivers are mixed in so could be London, even though he deep on the depth chart as the possible 5 wide guy same with Stafford.
Stalla as a starter could mean the 6th ratio spot on offense as the players listed as FB mixed into different packages.
With the extra game day roster spot for both National and international Graves seems like he could finally unseat Desluares from his cushy job as it apppears as they already are placing Stalla as the top National receiver.

Not sure what to make of Edem as the back up. injury maybe or is there something more to it. If so they may find themselves with an unhappy Edem should he lose his starting role and in 2 seasons when he is a free agent he will look to jump ship like Butler did from the Riders back home in his case but also back into the safety spot he is more comfortable at

Beside Troy Smith and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, according to Herb, the following players will definitely be out of this afternoon's game: LBs Chip Cox and Kyries Hebert,WR Dave Stala, WRs/KRs Bo Bowling,Tyron Carrier,Mardy Gilyard and Larry Taylor. WR Chad Johnson will be a game time decision.

Has Larry Taylor practiced full speed,yet, at Als training camp? Could/will he be on 6 game injured list with Scooter Berry,Jamel Richardson,Bear Woods and other?


This is really and evaluation opportunity. They don't have to please the home crowd an can focus on the 30 guys fighting to avoid monday cut down.

Herb tweeted on Monday that Taylor was back practicing:

Herb Zurkowsky @HerbZurkowsky1 · Jun 9
Larry Taylor's practising, but not Jerald Brown or Luc Brodeur-Jourdain.

Stala and Bowling were also back, so probably precautionary in these cases.

Absolutely no need to rush JB or LBJ back. They've both vets, we know what they are and what they bring to the table. The more reps we can give other players at their respective positions, the better off we'll be if/when injury strikes. LBJ in particular. We have to all collectively pray for our starting O-line's health this year, given our substantial losses on the non-import front (Woodruff, Flory). One guy goes on the 9-game IR and our ratio is completely hosed.

Expensive yes but very professional. I believe the REDBLACKS are flying Charter to Regina as well. At least the players know that the money that is coming to ownership is being used on them.

Hard to know how a game went just from the stat line, but it doesn't look terrible from the result. The offense moved the ball in fits and starts, as we expected. But we posted up 23 points with our backup QBs. I discount the defensive showing. We weren't dressing our starting LB corps and I'm sure it was vanilla surprise looks and coverage to see how rookies held up to individual matchups. Chris Smith had a pick, which is encouraging. Looking forward to seeing Troy Smith next week, hopefully!

Can’t draw any conclusions from a first pre-season game, except to say that they remained competitive.

We’ll have a little better idea on Friday when some of the vets get more reps.

While things get straightened out on O (and I sincerely hope they do), the O-line is going to have to stand on its head, at least in the first half of the season. I hope the D doesn’t get worn out early on with tons of 2-and-outs.

Anyone know how J-Rich is doing?

A glimpse at the game:éos/une-première-audition-pour-les-alouettes-3.989886éos/alouettes-23-tigers-cats-28-3.989863

Marsh’s interception was simply under thrown. He made the right read and it looked to be a likely TD if he had managed to put it deep in the endzone.

Brink’s TD pass to Graves was a great throw and a nice catch, but one of his INTs was on a badly under thrown pass.

My few observations from listening to the game.

Brink is in the process of beating out Marsh for the #2 spot.
Brandon London is back.
Whyte hanging on to his job.
Cover and return teams going to need a lot of work.

Ottawa: Receivers dropped all kinds of balls and their going to struggle covering receivers. Palardy was his inconsistent self. Lavoie missed a block, DiMarco was lucky to get up from that one, I didn’t see a running back that could carry the load and they will need one. Really exciting returner. Ottawa will be looking at other teams cuts real close at

Saskatchewan was auditing Running backs and Middle linebackers mostly.