Pre-season 1

I know it's just pre-season but was hoping for so much more.

So many turnovers by the offence and that put our defense in a bad position.

So many drops by Ti-Cats recievers.

Johnson and Timmis looked good running the ball.

Defense got some pressure.

Turnovers were definitely a problem. I found Masoli's interceptions especially troubling considering he threw so few in the 10 games that he started last season. Turnovers on downs aren't going to be a normal occurrence since they'll usually be punting. I think the Whitlock as RB experiment should be shelved as they have MUCH better options in both Timmis and Storm Johnson - to say nothing of Green - should he eventually return.

It is preseason so nothing should be taken too seriously but there sure is work to be done if they aren't going to be blown away in the first 2-3 weeks.

On what was I believe the first Masoli INT, TSN showed the replay via overhead shot.

Jeremiah totally telegraphed his throw which lead to the Safety easily picking his coverage.

Very rookie like play.

Gotta wonder if the pressure got to Masoli tonight. With so much hype about #2, I wonder if he was trying too hard to prove himself rather than just playing his own game

Correct. His second INT was just a bad decision. Shades of old Masoil. He needs to clean that up.

Hoping I can understand, I just hope you weren't expecting it. It's still early, but if they don't show something next pre-season that will not bode well for the team.

Pre-season you tend to use to identify potential young talent and relatively unknown signings from the south, and how they can handle game conditions. Of the roster for that game, Frankie Williams was the only new player of note that stood out, both due to his return and that he pretty much stayed off the game tracker, which as a DB usually means either you did your job covering, or were terrible and couldn't make tackles. I don't recall any of the later standing out with him, but then again I was going in and out of the game.

Given the team did nothing during the off-season to replace Gable, Chick, Bomben or Fantuz (although they might get Chapman) during free agency. The team has been slowly bleeding talent for some time, it's just been so slow, everyone's been applauding resigning as much as we have. If the Cats can't find some other talent who can step up is going to make for a long first half of the season, when we are predominantly out west and won't have the benefit of NFL cuts yet. You'd think after cutting those names from the roster plus Zach, cap space wouldn't be an issue.

As far as RB, pretty sure Nikita Whitlock is getting the scissors before the next game. Two fumbles is unheard of. I though Storm Johnson did well enough with the touches he had, but I'd want need to see more of how well his pass blocks. Timmis was also good for a National player. I would think you will want to keep him to deal with ratio issues, regardless of what happens. That said, a Messam, Harris and Powell, they are not, which has me again lamenting the fact that I can't remember the last time we had a top of the line RB on this team. I guess Avon Coborne was the closest thing.

Anyways, Masoli got off to a rough start, and having an RB fumble the ball twice doesn't help things (once again, Jerome Messam was a free agent this year), but once he got into his groove he seems to produce. I can't help but feel he's trying to do too much because Manziel is going to constantly be in the conversation, and then he snapped out of it. Hope that remains the case.

As far as Maziel, he looked average and based on that performance, he'll need at least a year or two of work to be good. He didn't throw a single pass for longer then 25 yards and seemed to struggle to find receivers and lanes (which often happens between the NFL and CFL transistion). Stegall and Dunnigan also pointed out that he looked to gas as the game went on. That said, I will give him that he didn't fall into the biggest trap so many young QBs fall into in this league, and attempt to make something out of nothing and allow turnovers as a result, and his short pass release was very quick. So there is potential to work with here, but to say he should be the immediate starter after that game...I don't think so. I'd like to see what happens when the play calling is a bit less conservative with him.


Uh, what?

Manziel was 8-10 and one miss was an intentional throw out of bounds. He was also running for his life on most plays against a 2-3 string Argo D. No problem at all with his performance as the 2nd string QB. At a minimum he showed he can come on in relief and perform adequately.
Need much improvement everywhere or this team will be 0-2 less than 2 weeks into this season.

Manziel showed great poise under what had to be tremendous pressure. I wonder if any new player to the CFL has ever had so much hype and high expectations after such a short time? I would say he came through with flying colors. I can’t see how he’s not at least is sharing time at QB this season.

I actually felt sorry for Masoli. I can’t help but wonder if the Manziel pressure is getting to him.

Things should go a lot better next week but, considering the schedule, it could be a very tough start for the Cats. If it is there’s no way we won’t be seeing some JF.

I'm sure it is, and almost certainly has been, for months. How could it not, coming after earning the starting role to go into his first season as true #1. His composure, though, through all this hype, and likely perceived lack of respect for his accomplishments, has been amazing.

I'd really like to hear the coach's post game comments, from Friday night, but the main page link doesn't seem to work. ??

Also had a WR drop a screen pass that hit him in the chest.