Pre-recorded NFL games

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I have been getting into NFL more and more recently and I'm really interested in watching historical matches with ads. Does anyone know where I can purchase 3 - 5 matches from 2019 which were broadcasted on Canada pay tv providers?


Sorry, maybe try asking this question on an NFL forum.

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Maybe it’s on the YouTube.

It can be challenging to come across quality recordings of NFL content for free.

You might see random clips on Youtube until they are taken down. If we were still in 2014, this was less the case but Google and Youtube have much of their copyright protection down to AI and science now.

And so consider surfing randomly though beware all the hack threads, so don't surf from your phone use a VPN at home or at work.

If you have a VPN that redirects to a US IP address or a friend in the US with one that you can access or with a cable subscription, you might be able to find some options via the NFL's own site including via the NFL Network itself:

Well it should be in "Other Leagues" I would agree.