Pre game worries

I am worried that Bombers may go away from what has worked the last 3 or 4 weeks for them! Am worried that they might think they can do a repeat on the Lions with their running game, and go away from the pass. The running game of the Bombers is really not based in reality anyway, they ran because they could not catch the ball!

I hope I am wrong and they stick to the plan that has won them 3 in a row! Just figured if I mentioned it, that would probably cover it, and we are good to go.

Pass baby pass

That makes no sense. The Bombers running game isn't that good because they only ran because they couldn't pass? That makes them better, not worse. They ran well when the defense didn't even have to bother playing the pass. Don't you think it would make sense to try to run the ball when you completely destroyed a team's run defense the last time you played?

I wouldn't exactly be worried by thinking the Bombers might try to run the ball against a team with a good ground game against a questionable run defense.

I don't want them to be too committed to the run, though. I just think they'd be crazy not to try to make BC prove they can stop it this time.