Pre-game trash talk and post-game gloating

i want to to discuss this. apparently pre-game trash talk and getting in opposing fans’ grills before games is ok. but gloating after games is not. personally i hate both. one of the main reasons i left the last sports forum i was on was because of all the trash talking. it’s not that bad on this site thankfully, but i am unclear on why one is more acceptable than the other? i find pre-game trash talk to be childish nonsense usually driven by male egos that are inexplicably linked to their emotional attachments to their teams.

last night i over-gloated about my team beating the bombers, which is something i don’t normally do, simply as a reaction to a bunch of trash-talk posts and pms about how the bombers are the best of the best pre-game nonsenese.

i want to know what others think of why pre-game trash trolling is somehow more acceptable than similar post-game nonsense. if i had my way that crap would all be only allowed in team categories.

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I agree, keep the Tash talk to a minimum. It always degenerates into really stupid long lasting bull Sh…
Before you came to this site it was almost impossible to talk football for all the asdinine comments prevailent on every single thread.
Most posts degenerated Inyo nothing but trash talk and hard feelings. The site was becoming nothing but baiting trash talk

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I have to wonder why you’d find the pregame trash talk childish, but the post game trash talk exciting. Maybe that is the female ego of revenge there.

Personally I enjoy a little trash talk, the hard part is to keep it civil & rational.


if you actually read my post you would see that i don’t find either “exciting” at all.

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Then why did you seem to take so much glee in them?


read my post again

meh. same old shit.

you guys can run this forum on your own. :wave:

That seems like an over reaction.

From what I saw/read there were only a couple outlandish posts, any BC fan should be able to sit back and enjoy a throttling of a top team.
Why would you be so focused on random Bomber fans posts?


First of all I think you have a broad definition of trash talk. I personally am not a big fan of it but it’s a reality, just like emojis. Players do it all the time on the field on every play and outlandish TD or single catch celebrations are in my opinion a form of trash talking.

Pre game trash talk, or more accurately needling, happens all the time and I participate in that the odd time. All in good fun. It happens on the golf course as well. Bets are often made as a result. In Low German it is called “naerking”, the best word I have ever heard for it in any language. I often also sometimes refer to it by the Monty Python inspired name of “gay banter”. When it’s done pre game you can mimick John Cleese and say “enough of this gay banter”, which isn’t a homosexual reference. Gay didn’t popularly mean what it does now when this came out.

I also don’t think this has anything to do with male or female and that this is an incorrect perception. By your own admission you overgloated upon BC’s win and you are female.

I also think it is important that PM discussions are not made public without the consent of both parties unless a PM discussion is worthy of flagging, which it almost never is. You refer to PM discussions triggering you.

Very importantly it is against site rules to publicly taunt fans of a losing team on the open forum if you are a fan of the winning team. That type of behaviour I have seen sanctioned in past seasons. It degenerates the whole game day thread and begs for similar behaviour, not to mention not showing very good sportsmanship, among other things. There is such a thing as being a sore winner.

If anyone wants to gloat about their team do it pre game and with restraint or do it
post game in your own team forum, which is one of the things team forums are for. It is also against site rules for a fan of another team to come into your team forum and have it out with you if you gloat excessively.

In my opinion there is no need to change anything in the rules and they are pretty clear. If everyone shows a little courtesy, respect and common sense towards their fellow members this shouldn’t be an ongoing issue. Any further problems will be moderated as always.


I would say it’s because before the game the score is 0-0, meaning that it’s equally viable that both teams have a chance, the contest is in front of us, the battle is nigh…so pumping up before that is sort of hard wired…on the other end, post game put downs break the cardinal sin of being a crass winner or a sore loser which is universally accepted by mom’s worldwide as being immature…


i don’t care about rules. stay the hell out of my grill with the pre-game trash. i don’t get how one is allowed and not the other. players do both so using them as any example doesn’t hold water.

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“the Lions are the bestest of the best and anyone who plays them has no chance in hell and should just retire.”

that crap is as nonsensical and annoying as a victory dances. it should all go in team categories.

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It might be crap but it’s, this morning anyways, also very true, the lions are the bestest of the best…


But that sounds like a 12 year old wrote that.


so does most pre-game trash talk.

Anyone that watched that game last night should be gloating about the Lions,
They came into that game in hostile territory and systematically dissected in all phases of the game( Off., Def., and S.T’s) to arguably the best team in the League
That look on Coach O’Shea’s face in the 4th qtr was telling,
BC’s Coaching had their team totally prepared and executed probably as close to a perfect game plan as you can get


My view is our society has become oversensitive. Football is meant to be a sport of friendly banter, and yes even homerism. If you can gloat about your team before the game as Bomber fans have done all over the interweb, you can be man (or woman) enough to take your lumps if your team takes a thrashing as Winnipeg did last night.

At least we have evolved away from fight to the death gladiator type stuff.


I fall into the self-deprecating category (decades of cheering for the NFL’s Bears and Lions have a humbling effect).

I’ve read that sports are a substitute for evolutionary tribalism. Many years ago, people would fight together for the tribe and share the spoils together. In our modern world our daily survival doesn’t depend on fighting but we’re still wired for it.

I remember when I was 15. I was completely angry and dejected because a team I rooted for lost to a rival in the last seconds of a game. I look back on that now and realize I was looking for belonging to something successful. Now I can detach myself emotionally and just enjoy the experience.


There is 12 year old posts
Then there is 12vyesr old posts where the 12 year old need an ass kicking or two or three.
Only one is acceptable :wink:

Unfortunately in today’s society there are too many people that are real good at handing it out but not good about taking it.