Pre Game Restaurant

After experiencing no changes in the crappy food. My question is where to go for a decent quick meal before the games? Preferably something within walking distance of the stadium.

LOL - there are no restaurants or eateries within walking distance to the stadium except a Subway or go to a tail gate barbecue

There's Tony's Corner downtown which has really tasty Greek food.

That's where I used to go before I found out that a wheat intolerance was causing so many issues. :cry:

If it's open, the Polish Deli, Staropolskie Delikatesy, on Barton near Sherman is excellent. You can get a hearty plate of perogies, saurkraut, sausage etc.. I never pay more than $7 or $8.

Donairs at gage is really good!

O’Neil’s on Barton. Best milkshakes ever.

The Pugger Burger will separate the weak from the herd


Southern Smoke

Very Short Drive:

End Zone
Boston Pizza

Lots more, these are just the neighbourhood staples.

other options in that same area are the newly opened La Luna’s on barton and sherman, Franks Sicilia Bakery, just west of La Luna’s, and the Touch Down Pub on barton and avondale. TD Pub provides free parking if you have beers there before the game.

Boston Pizza has actually had pretty good game day food and service.
They also had a free shuttle to the game last year.
It's located at the Centre Mall or what was left of it.

Polish Legion about three or four blocks east of THF, a block south of Barton. Cabbage rolls, perogies, sometimes chicken around $10.00 per plate. Sauage on a bun outside for around $5.00. Park there, at the church or at the school for $10.00.

Polish Legion

$5 for a huge sausage on a bun from the BBQ outside, or go inside for perogies and cabbage rolls (don’t be late because they often sell out). Large bottle of Polish beer is $5.

Correction: WEST of THF:

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Thanks Safetyblitz!

They closed their downtown location.
They have one on Queenston and one on Fennell, and a food truck. Fennell location is closed for the food truck season, not sure about Queenston.

Tonys Corner is gone :? , Fennel now :oops:

There is an upscale food place at 946 Barton st E , The Purple Pear , 912 Barton E Touchdown Pub been few times food is ok and fast , McDonalds and Dairy Queen at Barton and Lottridge St , all are within about 5 to 10 min walk , OR Go to Chapple St North side of Barton between Lottridge and walk straight down to the Lot E parking lot and stroll around there is lots of people cooking , usually a lot to go around too :rockin:

appears to be a few more options than ole slim thought eh :slight_smile:

Guys you are forgetting the official tailgate wing extravaganza restaurant
Buffalo Wild Wings!?

I think it's because replies have been focused on options walking distance from the stadium. Are there shuttles from the Stoney Creek Supercentre? (not rhetorical, I'm genuinely curious)

Yes a "few" more than I thought but not much choice.