Pre-Game Party

So we have the first pre-season game thursday… we still on for hooking up at that trashy brasserie right close by the stadium… across the street from the Transat building right.

Man, I need you to be more precise. You have my tickets, so I can’t really afford not to find the so-called trashy brasserie.

Who else will be there?

Ill be easy to spot… Ill be the guy with the Calvillo jersey on :smiley: LOL!!!

I have a cell… so I can be found any time of the day :smiley:

En Plus y a Grosse Biere Sti!!

Seeing that I have season tickets. I like to eat at the Eaton’s Center, then walk up University, see all the Frat Parties etc. Secondly, the party is on the North Side, cause the South Side SUCKS!! haha Just Joking, unfortuantely I wont attend the Pre-Season game tonight, not to worry, their not gon to waste. But I will be there primed for Hamilton on the 22nd!!