Pre-game Party on Sunday

hey all,

when do the festivities get started?


where's the best play to go for anything pre-game?
(beer available)


best pre game party is the huge tailgate parties in the main large parking lot outside of BC place, starts around 10, beers, tvs to watch the east final and lots of food, cant go wrong!

Is there a special pre game party for playoffs? I meen the activites before regular season games are ok but nothing special. Is it better with the playoffs going on, or is the talegate party good in the parking lot or something? whats the scoop

what side of BC place is the parking lot where the tailgate parties are??

The west side under Entrance G I believe

parking lot under the cambie bridge is where the big party is at, even tho there is other ones this one is the best

How much is a spot there?