Pre-game Omens

We should have foreseen the disaster ahead for the Ticats. 1. They were having trouble keeping the inflatabe Ticat helmet inflated prior to the team's entrance. 2. The WWII Harvard flypast was only a single plane one time directly over the south stands only. Hardly spectacular! 3. The CF-18 flypast was only 2 jets again over the south stands only, out of sync with the National Anthem (midway through it); likewise, the second flypast was delayed, poorly correographed and targeted! (Three jets, a steep ending climb and timing might have made it spectacular.) A note to the Ticat organization: If you're going to promote "spectacular", be spectacular!! least it didn't rain.

petty: adv, FR. SEE ABOVE

You may want to read this then

I thought the Fly past was nice ,I enjoyed the WW2 trainer plane ,the Jets were cool and I thought well timed for the National anthem at the start ,(unless I'm mistaken,happens once a day)the second fly past at the kickoff was really cool and unexpected,which made it better .
Martin Short was funny ,I've never seen anyone do the coin toss "his way" ....that is, way way up in the air and back over his head ten yards...ha ha,well done!!!
The head official had to go for a walk to read the coin,I bet even he was laughing ....
and I can hear you all thinking ..."too bad he didn't continue to go walking"
Oh ,that was a verbal fumble and as such ,sorry sir,it's not reviewable!!!!!
Oh looked like Jake from the stands ..ha ha!!!!!

sorry Jake was not The Ref this game lol

Onknights got it right.

My verbal fumble is not such my opinion stands it was Jake.....

The fly over during the national anthem was amazing. That’s exactly how it should happen.

Scotty you are kidding me..
it was half way threw the song
it should be at the End

No actually I'm not kidding. I was quite serious. Anytime during the anthem is fine with me. I didn't realize a flyover was such a bid deal.

People on here are real looking to rip everything they can.

Gonna be a long season in tigertown.

Sorry But Preseason is over Scotty.
The Team better Step when Flick Comes to Town.
But that I just don't Team on Field
Everyone needs to pick up there game
From The Flyovers to Taking a old Man Caine at a Gate
They Really need Pick it up.
I Really have Dislike for the Roughies..
I Only hate the Argos..
I Dislike Every Other Team..

Wow onknight, you need to find a hobby. Everyone is frustrated but to start nitpicking the the flyover or the magic show or even taking an old mans cane is ridiculous after 1 game.

The flyover was fine. I thought they hype of the magic didnt match the show but I give them kudos for trying something new.

Security issues will always be addressed week to week.

This board is great for fans to communicate but it has been used a s reason to whine and complain just because you can.

If this board want hear do you think the cats would be fielding calls about the supposedly ill timed fly over. NOPE!!

Let's admit the real awful omen; the Tiger-Cats have sucked for three years straight. Somehow I don't think that our problem lies in fighter jets, although I don't blame you for wanting to talk about something else than the game- perhaps the lion at half time made to disappear would have been more accurate, eh?

Actually, CF protocol dictates that ceremonial flyovers are to be timed after the end of the anthem. Pilots are given a pre-flight briefing on the timing of each pass (end of anthem and kickoff). If the timing at the stadium runs late (which I think happened), then the flyovers will be off-time.

Well late or not I loved it. I didnt see it as a big deal that it wasnt at the beginning or the end or whatever, it was pretty cool seeing those 2 jets roar over us.

I agree with you Scott. And the second flypast was a nice touch.

I saw Jake going up the stairs into the press box about 10 minutes before the game.
The ref was Bud Steen.