pre game gathering in Toronto?

Hey gang, any pre game festivities being organized by either fans or by the ticats?
I know in the past BP and I think Kelsey's has been used as an official ticat pre game haunt.

Any info guys?

The Ticats usually announce something a couple days before,it's a little early

Pretty bad when you have to pick a restaurant to hold a tailgate party, no wonder football is not alive and well in Toronto the only tailgate party they know about is on the Gardner Expressway at Rush Hour!!!


The Overdraught has $6 pre-game pints on tap.

By the way, tailgating is illegal in Ontario. I know there is some at Scott Park but it's not really legal but tolerated.

So is Speeding, but people do it :stuck_out_tongue: by the way, Scott Park is a lot of FUN :rockin:

Yes they do!!! :lol:

This was in an email recently sent by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats ...

If you're planning on heading to Toronto on Saturday, join us at our pre-game fan event at Joe Badali's Ristorante Italiano & Bar on Front St. starting at 2 p.m.
[url='s+Ristorante+Italiano+%26+Bar/@43.645062,-79.384126,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x3321ad321431d623] ... 321431d623[/url]

That's exactly right. Tailgating in Hamilton is tolerated by local law enforcement because we drink out of solo cups, keep the noise down and keep the park clean. If we failed to do so on any of those things we would not be able to do what we do. Simply put, Toronto fans en mass can't seem to figure that out.
That being said a small group of some long time Argo fans and do it right and haven't been bothered by Toronto law enforcement.
Head to the Overdraught or any of the locals around the Rogers Centre and have a good time. It's all good.