Pre Game Fly Over

Just for the record, the plane that flew over the stadium was not a B-25 Bomber. It looked like a DC-3 Cargo Plane.

Trolls that fly.


You are correct. It was a C47, known in the RCAF as a Dakota, a version of the DC-3. It was the plane that most of the paras jumped out of on D-Day.

Thanks Matelot, thought so! Still a nice old plane.

Very observant guys! :smiley:

Here's the plane you are speaking of from the Canadian Warplane Museum website........

[url=] ... hotos.html[/url]

I love to see the Canadair CF-104 Starfighter
do a fly over..

It has Tiger Stripes.. so it would fit right in

Yes, I noticed that... to my seat mates... "That's no B-25!!!" (no prominent nose; deep, powerful drone; high wings; or twin tail)

The announcer and the scoreboard both indicated it was a B-25 so it would seem that perhaps the Mitchell had to cancel at the last minute.

I had to miss the home opener with the CF-18's fly past so I was disappointed that we didn't get at least a CF-18 on Labour Day (a natural with the air show in Toronto but I guess the air show "staging" times for the jets (mid to late afternoon) didn't mesh with the early football game anthem time... or something).


From what I have been told, the flight leader of those 3 Hornets that flew over the stadium for the opener was a "lady" a major to be exact. She was stationed at Cold Lake normally. Her Mom & Dad drove down from Thunder Bay to watch her "buzz" the crowd. A friend of mine was talking with them. How cool is it to watch your "daughter" flying one of those things.

Matelot, great commnets, but I think it would be even cooler if you and I were to fly a couple of them, say on a "Stealth" mission over to Afghanistan and take out some of those Taliban.
I would be deeply honoured to be your wingman.


They've been retired for 25 years

Sorry, but this bird cannot fly. It is on static display at the CWH Museum.

The pre game fly over is a great touch. My nine year old son really looks forward to it. His pic was on the cards that were handed out before the game and also on the Tiger vision with Danny Mac during the half time tribute show. It was taken at the Ti-Cat spring training camp when he was only 4. It was a real special night for him too! ( just thought I'd throw that in)

That’s too bad I like Jet Fly over again.
The Prop planes are Cool but you can’t be Jet for Exctitement

We are extremely lucky here in Hamilton, that we have the committed volunteers to keep all the planes flying for our enjoyment.

I would like to suggest that we have the cadets open the Canadian Flag out and have it blowing in the wind just before the flyover, to help welcome the pilots as they fly overhead and help show our Canadain Pride!

Go Cats Go!!!