Pre-Game and Half-Time Experience?

Anyone else miss the CWHM plane flyovers prior to the game? I always thought it was a very unique and special part of the Ticat experience...

I also find it very odd that there's no longer any half-time entertainment (other than the conversation on the scoreboard).

Any thoughts on this? My best guess is that they're trying to evolve to a more modern experience, which is a bit more like what you see at home on TSN, with panels, replays, statistics and analysis, etc.

While I don't necessarily feel we have to go back to marching bands or such, I do feel that something happening on the field at half-time would be welcome.

Actually, the one thing that I've been dying to see again (must be at least 10 years) is a half-time Military Gun Run competition. Those were awesome.


The scoreboard conversation is excellent and entertaining. The Argo game, an Argo fan next to me complimented that "at least here they don't have no name bands who can't sing", he seemed impressed with the half time here in Hamilton.

I miss the fly overs. was really expecting/hoping to see one with the Jet for the home opener :frowning:

I prefer the half time talk show over big screen to regular entertainment on the field.

The Turbo Dogs ruled the half-time scene.

I find it interesting that the latest in in-stadium experience is to make it more like watching TV at home.

Still hoping for something more interesting at half-time (not necessarily replacing the panel, but maybe in addition to it). I don't think kids find it that interesting to watch for 10-15 minutes.

But, everyone to their own. :smiley: If you like it, that's great!

Nothin' finer! :thup: :thup: :thup:

I loved seeing/hearing and feeling the vibration of the jets and particularly the Lancaster, along with the skydivers we've had at Ivor Wynne. :thup: Maybe we will see a fly-over this Saturday, as there is an air show Saturday and Sunday at the Hamilton airport.

Don't think we'll be seeing the CF 18's anytime soon. Between their missions in the middle east. The ones in maintenance. The ones on standby at Cold Lake, Alberta and in Bagotville, Quebec, we don't have many to spare when it comes to fly bys.

Not to mention they're aging like crazy and now have to last another 10 to 15 years while we sort out the F35 procurement mess.

Not sure why we haven't seen the Lancaster though.

Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Proud!

ahh good point about the air show. my fingers are crossed

i cant remember the team we were playing but the first time the jet buzzed THF I missed our Ticats causing a fumble on the kick off. I was so preoccupied watching it fly off in break neck speeds. so cool :thup:

has it made its way back from overseas? last I heard about it it was being fixed. thought for sure that was an excuse to keep it over there with the other one.

About the flyovers, I often wondered that myself. I finally concluded that the escarpment may have something to do with it. THF is oriented exactly opposite to IWS so the escarpment may play a role. The planes used to fly the length of the field and with the escarpment not far away, they couldn't come low enough to have an impact. I suppose they could still fly east/west, but it wouldn't be the same. Don't see why we couldn't have had the skydivers though.

If someone from the TiCats contacted the CWHM they would probably conduct a flyover. Would be good advertising for the CWHM. Possible that a flyover has already been scheduled.

I’m thinking it might have something to do with the incident several years ago at IW. Just to refresh everyone’s memories I’m talking about the game where the skydiver missed the stadium completely and also barely missed hitting the power lines outside as he disappeared out of view over the corner of the stands. I remember watching that poor guy disappear out of sight and was honestly expecting to see huge sparks and a plum of smoke as we all thought that there was no way he could avoid the power lines that were so close to the stadium. Thankfully he landed safely and all was okay , but it could have honestly gone the other way and the poor guy could have been shish-ka-bobed right in front of our eyes on live television.

I still recall a game in 2012 when a CF-18 flew over us (unannounced) just at kickoff. He flew only a couple hundred feet high. It felt like you could reach out and touch the plane. He (she?) made two passes. The sound was something fierce. It felt like someone had knocked the wind out of me. Definitely a bucket list item to snag a ride in one. (An item not likely to be achieved unfortunately).

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

scared the crap outta me I jumped about 4 feet high. I was an endzone STH, where are the real fans were :wink:

Ya it came back from overseas back in september. It underwent repairs over the winter as it was using a loaner engine from england. Recently in the spec there was an article about a wwii vet going for a ride in it.

Mike, it is an experience you would never forget. I've been in the second seat of an F-15B Eagle and an F-16D Fighting Falcon, never on a F-18 Hornet. Would really like to fly on an F-117 Nighthawk but the Bird is a single seater.

I would love to see the flyovers again. Why would you not, it's awesome. the parachute's haven't been seen for a while (also cool). The halftime show however leaves me empty. Not because I don't like the idea of the panel talking about the game but because I can't hear the thing. In section 206 the sound is almost non existent.

excellent! I had imagined it wasnt coming back.

Thanks for the update!