Pre-emptive Power Rankings (Week 16 Edition)

oh no, we’re still 3rd… gasp travesty and treachery I say!

someone grab the pitchforks and start poking Nissans!

It’ll be okay

After that 1st quarter, I thought the EE should be 9th!

Ours will depend on if Montreal can beat Winnipeg…also we only beat another below .500 team with their back up…yatti, yatti, yatti…

I don’t give a crap what our ranking is, although our guys seem to be using the disrespect as motivation.

I also don’t really care if we only win by a fg over any team as long as we win the Cup. If we win it all, is anyone here really going to say “Yeah, but we only beat Edmonton by a last second fg after a second half collapse in week 15”?


Please rank us 9th! ;D

Of course one cares or even really remembers a lot of the regular season games. Eg. BC lions of 2011 - won GC but we had beaten them twice that year.

But for an up and coming team that hasn’t seen 10 wins probably in two decades there are “yard mark” games; that allows them to measure their own progress compared to top teams.
These teams are usually top teams that have performed and continue to perform at a high level in multiple seasons. Right now, its Calgary & Winnipeg.

We will become one of these teams if we can put together a 2-3 of 10+ win seasons.

Over the next 3 seasons.

  1. A healthy Masoli.
  2. The emergence of Evans.
  3. Great head coach and staff.
  4. Great GMs and talent recruiters.

The future looks extremely promising.

I guess player development comes under #3 and 4

A quote that I heard late last night after the game - Championship teams NEVER apologize for winning ugly.(at least I think “Ugly” was in there.) That fits Calgary to a T. If last week’s game wasn’t winning ugly (with some talent and a bit of luck on that blocked FG) then I don’t know what is.
Ticats sure don’t need to apologize for winning close games - just win them however they can.