pre draft analysis- offense

ok, so heres my pre draft analysis on the offense. i will do defense later in the week, then post draft analysis, and finally a final analysis before the year begins.

This offense i am totally up in the air about. It is either going to be the best in the league or near the bottom, It all depends on the O-line play. Our o-line interior is great, and that is what will get Jesse 1500 yards assuming he doesn't get injured. We also seem to be stocked with good right tackles, Jonta Woodard, Marko Cavka, Charles Thomas and JP Bekasiak. Are any of these guys quick enough to play left tackle? maybe Marko Cavka, he wasn't so bad last year. Any one of the other 3 guys can be a solid right tackle for years to come.

Our QB situation, still a good one. Casey, a former CFL MOP, Richie a young, but experienced backup, and well, Timmy.

I love our running backs. not only can they run the ball but they are great receivers to, and will be a good security blanket for Casey. It seems we are a little overstocked with Canadian FB's, so it's going to be tough competition in camp.

Our receivers are the most difficult group to analyse. We have Chris Bauman, who could possibly be the next Ben Cahoon, we have Jason Armstead, a proven #2, and Tony Miles, an older guy who has shown he can be a #1. I would say we are definetely in a better position than last year, assuming Tony doesn't get injured. We still need another good Canadian receiver, as Jason French is getting older, and another import wouldn't hurt either.