Praying for the Blow Jays to lose!

Big day for the Argos tomorrow. If you are any fan at all of the CFL, you are begging for a loss tommmrrow.

I am a CFL fan - I am not cheering for a loss.

I want Toronto to win but Rogers to lose. So I'm technically on bungle's sidd

I'm torn. The hardcore Jays fans deserve a better ending than 0-3, Rogers deserves absolutely nothing (if there was a way to give less than nothing I would wish for that) and the Argos and their fans deserve a real football stadium not the mausoleum previously known as Skydome.

I hope the Jays force a game 5 so the Argos don't have to play at Skydump again.

but is that fair to the few argos season tickets holders?

I feel the BJs should go 0-162 every season so no doubt I want them swept.

I'm not. It would be great if any of the big three pro sports in any city in Canada won something.

Would do a world of good.

Now don't start the "Is Toronto really a Canadian city?" debate. (tongue half-in-cheek)

To the shock of the "national" media Canada does not start at Oshawa and end at Oakville (Hamilton on a generous day).

Are you saying it's fair to make people pay to watch a football game in the Skydump? A BJ victory means teh Argos get out of Skydump that much sooner and thats a ood thing for fans and STHs.

But it's not a dump. An engineering marvel rather. And electric, from family members who have been at the run-up and post season games...

Been there too for baseball (when I was still a fan) and Argos and it is, in my opinion, the worst football venue I have ever seen. I get more excitement from the static on my clothe as they come out of the drier. I feel cheated paying for the top ticket price and still being a mile from the field. The place was designed for baseball with no consideration for football, they just figured it would fit. It doesn't.

It's not a dump as a facility, it is a dump as a football stadium.

Hate to say it but Canadian love a Bandwagon!!!!! Where is Justin Bieber.

I'm not. I'm praying for them to win for the reasons I listed in another thread...

The best thing that could happen to the CFL is for the Jays to win the World Series. Get it over with and people will lose interest with a been there, done that attitude in 2016 and beyond. If they lose, it will leave fans with a "We'll get'em next year" outlook.

Kevin Don't worry I saw This back 20 years ago at the end of it all it is a team full of foreigners playing a came most of us really don't care much about.

As Elliot Friedman has said many times, after the Jays won 23 years ago, the apathy from the fan base was deafening. I hoping for the same if they win this year.

Some of that drop in interest can be tied to the lockout that ended the 1994 season. Hockey is the only sport that can get away wih that in Canada and expect the fans to come back right away. Jays attendance dropped a massive 1.2 million people from 1993 to the next complete season 1995.

CFL was wise to reach a labour agreement and not have any kind of work stoppage for that very reason at the start of last season.

As an Argonauts season ticket holder I disagree. I'd actually like to be able to go watch the Argonauts games with the tickets that I paid for.


Jays are owned by Rogers. Rogers hates the CFL.

you support the Jays, you're supporting Rogers.


[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
Rogers Centre officials claiming nearly 5 days between baseball home games is insufficient time to convert stadium is a joke. #CFL #Argos

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Let's call it for what it is. It's not that Rogers Centre CAN'T be converted in 5 day time frame. It can. Rogers just doesn't want to. #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@RogersCentre officials "claim" insufficient time to convert stadium despite nearly 5 days between potential baseball home dates. #CFL[/b]

Worst in customer satisfaction for cell phone service, it's NHL team is a joke, and it's baseball team has been a joke for a long time. Even with the Blue Jays' success I still don't believe they've extended Alex Anthopolous' contract which expires at the end of this post season. Their lame excuse for not being able to or wanting to convert Rogers for football is in keeping with the company mantra - screw everyone.