Prayers for Adam Trafalis and his Family

The most sobering news is that third string quarterback Adam Tafralis' father Gregg was hurt in last night's Califoirnia gas main explosion. The family's house was destroyed.

Trafalis is playing tomorrow and then flying home to visit his father in the hospital. Teammates are reportedly putting together a fund to help defray the travel cost.
From the scratching Post

Adam is great Person and I wanted to wish him and his family all the best
This awful news for all us Ticats fans
Adam you are in Hearts and Prayers please Know Tigertown is behind you
May god bless

wow that's horrible news.
I hope he is doing ok and I wish him and his family the best.

I wish a wellness recovery as well. On the news last night; the heat was so extreme that the taillights on cars were melting being a block away from the scene.

Very saddened to hear this but we can be thankful that nobody was killed. I know that Bob being the great guy that he is, will be the first to contribute to the fund. Good on the players for rallying around him. Makes me very proud to be Ticat fan!

Best of luck to the Trafalis family and to all those involved, makes me wonder though how did something like this happen? People had apparantly been smelling gas for 3 weeks prior to this happening and the company said "just close your windows and doors" 4 confirmed deaths so far with more to come, you can bet someone is going to be sued into oblivion.

That's nothing. You should have seen the house fires in Detroit last week. I was watching live coverage of it on CNN. Somebody lit up rows and rows of houses and the wind spread the flames until they burned down like match sticks.

Ditto to everyone's words and thoughts ...............that was a brutal fire

What a terrible thing to have happen. We read about this type of stuff all the time and it really doesn't "sink in" until we know someone close to it! I hope all come out of this OK.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family!
I watched this on a live webcast lastnight and was thinking about Adam as i know his family lives there!
Never in my wildest thoughts I thought his house or family was invoved!
May God Bless you all, and Ill pray that your Father heals!

So sorry to hear this. Just terrible. Adam is a great guy and my family will be praying for his family.

Adam and His been a Good Friend to me. :cry:
so I am still in Shock over this ..

Thoughts and prayers Adam and family ...
Why do things like this always have to happen to good people?

Man, this sucks. Hope everyone is fine.

Does anybody, ever, spell this family's name correctly? The Spectator regularly does not. Nobody, to this point, in this thread, has. I think the only one who has ever got it right is the Ti-Cats' equipment assistant who lays out the lettering for the jersey back name patches. Of course when almost all football people and fans can agree to pronounce the surname Favre as "Farve," I guess it shouldn't be surprising. Hope all turns out well for Mr. TAFralis Sr. who happened to be in the "wrong place at the wrong time" in one of the really nice San Fran. suburbs.

CHCH said that his dad had received burns to head, hands and back. Not life threatening. May our good thoughts be with him.

Reports I've heard indictate at least four people were killed.

Good to hear Adam's Dad is ok.

I must say that earlier, I really underestimated the magnitude of this explosion. I'm watching CNN right now and they're reporting that dozens of homes were flattened. I knew that some people were killed Ockham but what I meant in my post was that I was thankful that nobody from Trafralis' family had been killed which sounds insensitive to the others, but at the time I was just thinking about matter in relation to the team and theTrafralis family. The body count may rise as they have only searched 75 % of the homes IIRC. Either way, while I'm sorry for the 4 people killed, I'm also very thankful that nobody from our Ticat family was.

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