pratt talkes 2 min about lions, what a joke

i know hockey season is starting and i am glad, because i am an offical season ticket holder,of the canucks and the lions, but i mean come on talking about one of the biggest stories today what happend at the lions game, only gets a 2 min air wave.

Well all i can say is here we go again were the canucks will get all the talk and the lions will be left for some garbage time as usal.

Welcome to Vancouver! :roll:

By the end of November they will be eliminated from the Playoffs. Then, from December until August, they'll be talking trade speculation. :roll:

Maybe Bobby Lalonde or Stan Smyl can come out of retirement to help that team! :lol: :lol:

and they will still talk about them, were daniel and nendrick ate dinner last night.

i do understand it is hockey season know and there will be a lot of talk, and i thought pratt was a big lions fan, well that does not show it when he ignores the lions completly and puts the nfl ahead of them.

thats funny, at work tonight i was just thinking about calling them in and talking about CFL to Pratt and Taylor, letting them know about how i think the NFL is talked about too much, and i'd love to see an All Canadian all-star team Canadian rules stomp an American team of NFL players at American rules. That or BC Lions beat an NFL team at Canadian rules which i know they could.

It's Pratt. Mediocrity and arrogance go without saying..

same Pratt that got fired from the Province for plagarism.

I look for more than 2 minutes of lip from him about the Lions Monday.

If Pratt doesn't want to give the Lions more than 2 minutes of lip Monday, then 1040 ought to show him the door and make sure the door hits his butt on his way out

i bet you that pratt does not give the lions the time of day on monday were there is no hockey going on.

that night and talkes about how the canucks are doing so well in pre season and will win the cup this year.

Pratt you say you are a lions fan then prove it talk about them a little show them respect that they desrve, or get out of town,

Pratt never really was the sharpest tool in the shed.