Pratice roster and injury list

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following players have agreed to join the PRACTICE ROSTER:

Non-Import WR Alex Anthony
Non-Import DL Zack Evans
Non-Import LS Jordan Matechuk
Import DB Prince Miller
Non-Import RB Spencer Moore
Import LB Brian Peters
Non-Import LB Kevin Regimbald-Gagne
Import DL Richard Sumlin
Non-Import OL Matt Vonk
Non-Import WR Mitch Thompson (non-counter; territorial junior)

The following players have been added to the ONE GAME INJURED LIST:

Non-Import RB Neal Hughes
Import WR Kierrie Johnson
Import LB Abraham Kromah

The following players have been added to the 9-GAME INJURED LIST:

Import DB Milt Collins
Non-Import WR Aaron Hargreaves

Is Patrick Neufeld still on the 9 game?

I thought there would be a few more wrinkles and surprises. Not many, but I was expecting 1-2 eye brow raisers.

Nice to see to a few draft choices on PR. As well...........I think the surprise is Levi making the roster. Good for him. surprises at all. Greg Carr is the 6th guy. Eron Riley is the import that I hope we can groom into a stud. The riders track record of finding there own import receivers is very poor. The last one would be Cary Koch? Taj Smith is their own find but I want to see him erase my memories of fumbles and drops.

Hughes on the one game...............Daryl Stephenson is on the roster. Spencer Moore on PR also applies pressure to the non-import competition at this spot.

I looked around the league at injury lists.........some clubs have very few names on their lists. But Calg, Rider and Hamilton have a lot of names. I am sure some are legit and some are stashed talent.

I think we have to agree Milt Collins is stashed for 9 games. If he is hurt/injured okay. But otherwise he serves as a good insurance policy.

Defence - I can't wrap my head around the DB's and who will play where. I think the where will Butler be playing is the big question? If he is at LB then TBrack is safety. Sounds like Tyron likes safety but maybe Butler is adjusting a little slower to LB? That might be an area of concern. Wait and see.

I'm assuming he is, these are just players that were added

This is the complete 9-Game Injured List

26 Bell, Graeme FB Non-Import 5.11 229 1980-10-15 Saskatchewan
15 Collins, Milt DB Import 6.01 182 1985-03-09 Mississippi
87 Hargreaves, Aaron WR Non-Import 6.04 233 1986-01-26 Simon Fraser
45 McCullough, Mike LB Non-Import 6.02 222 1980-03-17 St. Francis Xavier
53 Neufeld, Patrick T Non-Import 6.05 296 1988-12-26 Saskatchewan

going into week 4, Eddie Russ has been signed back to the PR.
Terrel Maze has resumed practice finally, but Carlos Thomas and Macho Harris are dinged up.

It is looking like he will actually dress on!

[url=] ... 26553.html[/url]

the above link is a really interesting read. After his release, Russ never went home...he moved in with a couple of season ticket holders!

Lets hope he has his game legs after being gone so long.