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I have been saying for a few seasons that we have good players that are not being used properly. Many here feel they should be shown the door without understanding that they have strengths that Austin ignored. He had a Championship level team that was being under used and under valued. His stubbornness is what held this team back. This is another reason we saw talented player leave and flourish elsewhere.

I am sure some of our Ex players thought the same and left because of the “Dictator ?!” E Davis quote

Sure, but we never got to see Jeremiah under the former system did we, excepting a little under one quarter of play in an already lost game? So we really can’t compare that way either. And I agree with all you say, the staff and team were (maybe even are) playing sub-par football. Is it really so hard to include Zach in that assessment as opposed to continuously looking for excuses? That’s all I’m saying.

And for the record, I’m a fan of Zach Collaros and sincerely hope that he is able to get himself together, stay in Hamilton, and return to his performance levels of of 2015. I’d be more than happy to see him back in the huddle, playing well, and ideally leading the Cats to a Grey Cup.

Zach has earned the shot to see what he can do in this offense. Masoli didn’t earn the right to show it in the first 8 games. Where? How? Zach has shown he can be an elite level, MOP candidate QB. He will continue getting shots until everybody has made up their mind that he can’t play. i.e. Casey Printers.

Masoli on the other hand has shown flashes of greatness, and flashes of being brutal with way too many turnovers.

At this point in time you ride the hot hand because football is a momentum/team sport. I don’t think anybody is suggesting Zach start the next game but lets not fool ourselves into thinking that JM has been Bo Levi or Mike Reilly, hes been game manager at best and done a very good job leading the team to 2 straight wins. The fact remains that we don’t know that Zach wont come out and throw 350 and 4 tds in the same system. And yes, he’s earned the right to show everybody.

I won’t be satisfied turning the team over to JM long term as long as he’s throwing under 60% with few TDs, sub 300 yards and running for 50 or so yards.Winning under those conditionsisn’t sustainable.

Prior to labour day, for various reasons, the team was ridiculously easy to figure out.

Cats now have an advantage with the systems change as teams arent quite sure how to prepare as before. Obviously the more they play the more knowledgeable the opposition gets so the litmus test lies there.

All East teams are beatable because they all suck at various levels so team has to show something against teams that dont like WPG and BC for example to prove the team is really on to something or its all just short term and circumstantial.

Until then the jury is still out, way out.

Remarkable turnaround. Masoli and Gable rushed for over 150 yards... Teams win when they can run the ball like that. They are fun to watch. When you factor two games against Montreal. With a bit of luck this team could make a run and prevent a Western crossover.

So by your own logic. Masoli should have the right to lose 11 in a row before losing his job.


I agree 100%, for all that will get you.

The test will be next game, Riders. 3rd game, more tape, western (albeit lower level) team

There will be another cross over.

It is down to four crummy teams, at various levels of crumminess

Vying for two playoff spots.

The road is open.

Who improves, who tanks ?

In that way it makes the East interesting

Well said Crash!I agree completely. Masoli has more experience in the type of offense that Jones runs which is why Jones wanted him to start and so far he’s been successful. However Zach IMO has more upside and as you suggest should be given a chance to run this offense under the same conditions. There have been a couple of changes on the OL which has helped and some shifting of receivers too - all to Masoli’s benefit. Collaros deserves the same opportunity.

Yup. If Glenn can play there is the distinct possibility they obliterate the secondary with that rec corps. Reinbold defense certainly would have been.

Is it a genuinely different team ? Show me dont tell me.

A few thoughts, some based on comments above:

It appeared to me that the Cats were not audibling at the line on O and the RBs figured this out and blitzed a lot in the second half. Also, Tasker and Speedy pretty much disappeared in the second half after both being very productive in the first half. I would suggest that the Cats dodged a bullet in this regard by hanging on to win. I hope that this is just a product of the difficulties in installing a new offence mid-season and that as the playbook expands and the players learn, the O can adapt. Because, the RBs made some great adjustments and almost came back to win.

Speedy is playing well at receiver. However, the reason he may not be a long term solution at the position was on display last night. His route running appeared a bit suspect. And, on a comeback or curl pattern late in the game he made a catch and had the ball dislodged by the DB. If on that play he had taken one or two steps toward the ball the distance he gains from the DB allows for a secured ball and a completion rather than a second and long. Having said that, the use of his speed down the field has been a great move. Maybe he can pick up or remember the nuances of the position as the season moves on.

A running game. Nice change.

Defence is really getting good. Dean has been impressive the last 10 games and I loved the way he blew up that double reverse pass on the first play. Tackling has been much, much better as of late. Leonard is a keeper in my opinion. That we didn't have much to say about the change at LB is a good thing and might be a sign of some stability at that spot.

Grover: No I am not. I’d keep Masoli as the starter unless he runs into trouble. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
But if Collaros is traded anytime soon without seeing how he does under Jones we could be making a mistake.
I’d say Zach’s future with the Tiger-Cats depends on how Golson can perform. If he works out well then perhaps Masoli and Golson would be a productive (and cheaper) combo. Some tough decisions coming for June Jones.
But if Zach does get traded I hope it is to a western division team.

Palmer: Yeah. Me too. But Zach is in a vulnerable spot right now because of his salary. As long as Masoli is hot, Zach won’t see any action. The longer that goes on the more chance there is of him being traded to save money. Never a dull moment with the Tiger-Cats these days.

Not at all. Masoli hasn’t earned the right to get that long of a leash.
Not with a new coach and system that (for all we know) he could thrive in.

As far as June Jones is concerned. Masoli has given him 2W. Collaros nothing. What Collaros did 3 seasons ago is absolutely meaningless. Dumping that half a million dollar contract in the off season (assuming Masoli shows he’s now a starting QB in the CFL) will allow this team to make huge improvements in areas of need.

No way his play shows he’s now a starting qb in the CFL. Cato showed much more and look where he is.

I was at the game...great 1st half and the win is good. The defense is Oh so much better...well playing the prevent late in the game almost cost us the game. Still the problem with the HC is that he won't change up a QB when needed...Ottawa's defense came out in the 2nd half & had Masoli figured out ...a change to Zack would have put a spin on things & they would have been the 2nd half catching onto him....the Ottawa fans were afraid that was going to happen. The HC needs to man up & not be afraid to make tough decisions. For the rest of the year we need wins & there is no place for personal egos...change the QB's every 10 minutes if it gives us the win...look out for Saskatchewan!

Great point…the fear of the run is a big part.

Right on Crash! Most of these ZC bashers probsbly never sustained an injury as serious as Zack’s ( or less so) and have no idea about recovery both physucal and mental. Give the guy a break!