Praise the Witches Volume 2!

We beat Ottawa on the road.
We have a 2-game winning streak.

Not pretty in the second half but I'll take it! Thank goodness for the D who managed to keep the OTTRBs mostly at bay in the second half when the offense began to struggle. It didn't hurt that Coleman knocked Harris out of the game (legally) - not that I'm celebrating Harris being injured. Sounds like the injury isn't any worse than the one that Ray had earlier that kept him out for only one game.

I'm sorry, but can't help myself. Zach 0-12, Jeremiah 2-0, same O-line, same receivers. Do the math, we can win without Zach, now, can we win with him?

Let the excuses for zach begin - it's all Austin's fault, Toronto played badly, Harris got hurt - next? ;D

Displaced: My thoughts:

  • what a difference a new coach can make. Now we have an excellent mix of running and passing plays.
  • the same players that were on an 0-8 team this season and now looking very good
  • Masoli is doing a great job..and so is the O-line
  • The defence has improved tremendously under their new DC
  • Gable made a supreme effort tonight. What a difference when he gets the ball more than a couple of times a game.
  • All the criticism we have had about Tillman's recruiting all of a sudden seems wrong-headed. We have had some good players all along. They were just not being used properly under Austin.

I could go on. But in summary.... now we see what a difference coaching can make.

Different scenarios.... Yes I am a Zach fan, but Masoli has had the luxury of the last 2 games Masoli has hardly been "pressurized" or sacked... Zach not so much during the 1st 8 games, let's see what Zach does with this coaching philosophy before anointing JM the defacto #! eh?

Palmer: Very short sighted comment.
You have NO idea how Zach will respond to June Jones' offence.
Have you not noticed how good Gable, Aultman, Saunders, Masoli, the O-line and the defence are playing? Look at how much more effective Tasker is now he gets the ball a lot more each game. Same with Banks. I could go on.

Please explain (despite your anti-Collaros bias) why you assume Collaros would not also benefit from Jones' offence.

Different coach! different schemes! different atmosphere!

Different everything!

You're right, but I am assuming that Jones has made some sort of assessment, and as of right now, does not think Zach would benefit.

Plus, I am tired of all the posters who assume that it everyone elses problem, and not Zachs, that he has had a sub-par year.

I readily admit that Zach is the better QB, but I also am willing to admit that he has not been able to show those skills on the field since last year.

Burn the flags ! Boyz a breakthrough with Jones with self discipline what did we get in penalties today like -30 yards!!!! Wow

Peaise the Witches!

Difference o line. Different receivers. Different coaches. Different playbook.

Different result.

How much of that extra time is due to defences having to respect the run, both with more actual running plays and QB draws, and with Masoli's ability to scramble? Perhaps Collaros could do well with this increased focus on the run. Here's hoping we get to see it at some point.

Palmer: You still don't get it. For the umpteenth time..... we have yet to see how Zach responds to Jones.
Zach was not calling all the plays and designing the offence. Or committing stupid penalties. He got very little protection and lousy, predictable plays to run. Despite that he still managed to scramble and find receivers.
You could say the same thing about the O-line too. There had not been much in the way of skills there until Jones showed up. Same applies to the whole defence. The whole team has had a "sub-par year".

The sensible thing to do is withold judgement on Zach until that happens, rather than slag him ahead of time.

You people cannot possibly be thinking that Collaros should be starting the next game?? :o

I would generally prefer Collaros to start, but I think that you have stick with Masoli for now unless he starts playing really badly. That being said, he did make some questionable decisions in the second half; the difference from previous years is that he threw the ball away rather than taking a sack or trying to force a throw that might result in an interception.

Coaching wise, Jones and Lolley have been difference makers.

Player wise, the following Ticats stood out to me:

-Aultman…very solid KR
-Masoli…the team rallies around him
-Banks…has found a home at WR
-Tasker…more great, clutch catches
-Gable…finally being utilized properly…ran like a man possessed
-Washington and Matthews…we’ve finally found our starting tackles
-Capicciotti…very effective Canadian DL
-Coleman…defensive MVP
-Whitlock…exciting addition
-Dean and Lawrence…finally playing up to potential under Lolley
-Leonard…rookie of the year

We’ve got a winnable schedule ahead, and a lot of great players (Fantuz, Laurent, Ricky Collins, Kanneh, that new KR) who could be inserted into the lineup soon to help us win. Things are looking good.

A well refereed game. Both challenges were justified. Other than the miss on the Ellingson catch, they did a good job. Certainly not the chaos that follows Mr. Proulx around.

We have a running game ! We have 2 experienced quarterbacks who are healthy . Life is good ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

The way this group is appreciating and playing for June Jones is looking somewhat like the mid 80's teams under Al Bruno. Although, we haven't seen June go after any officials yet.

Redemption for Speedy how many posters here were crying for his head! He is done ! Get out of town !
New role same guy!