Praise for the "This is Our League" Campaign

Looks like the new video the CFL put out is getting praise from some unlikely sources. Deadspin, which is one of the most read sports blogs on the internet, had a post about it today that was nothing but positive.

Its cool but all the ignorant american comments about Canada below the post are a bit much. It amazes me that some of them have even heard of Canada or any other country besides the US.

But I did get a kick out of this NFL-centric comment about the picture of the Riders hoisting the cup:

"Ladies and Gentelmen, presenting the only time you'll ever see a football team in Green & White hold a championship trophy."

Ignorant American comments??? where. I thought most of the comments were positive. In fact you don't even know if the negative comments were made by Americans. The most negative comments about the CFL are usually made by Canadians and most of them are from Southern Ontario.
So hold YOUR ignorant insulting comments

Um, here are a few:

"Brought to you by Youtube....the Official Network of the Canadian Football League."

"The "This is Our League" barely beat out "White, Slow, & Safe" as the CFL's ad campaign."

"Looks more like Lord Stanley in a dress."

Sorry, I didn't think I insulted YOU. I must have because thats how you reacted. It was very foolish of me sir... it won't happen again. Please don't beat me :frowning:

I think those comments were more likely to be have been made by Canadians but who really cares anyway. The 1st one is funny, the 2nd one is inaccurate and the 3rd one makes no sense.

The promo is well done and the majority of comments reflect that.

An Argo-Cat fan

I wouldn't describe that thread as "ignorant" either. Some funny stuff there actually, as long as you aren't broading an inferiority complex. I've read more ignorant things on Canadian websites and blogs.

If you did a random poll along Yonge Street in Toronto, I wonder how many Canadians would know the provincial capital of BC, year of Confederation, that the Ontario road map has two sides. Could they name three WWI or WWII battles Canadians are renowned for? Who's Fredrick Banting? What's the significance of Peace, Order, and Good Government?

Insulting Americans is the lowest form of Canadian humour. If they don't know anything about the rest of the world, why do they defend or aid it so much? If Americans are so stupid, why are there so many acclaimed universities there? Didn't an American invent the car? Internet? Football?

You're joking right? Football and Baseball were invented in Canada. Basketball was invented by a Canadian teacher working in the US.

Trust me, they copy us as much as we do them. Their version is more history based though and less noticeable. Canadians get a more pop culture based influence from them.

Give it up. If it wasn't for our southern neighbours we'd all be speaking Russian right now. The USA is the most benevolent super power in the history of civilization. Eighty cents of every dollar you make comes from trade across the longest undefended board in the world. Canadians have ample short-comings to focus on rather than criticizing anyone else.

You're wading into an argument-filled area here...the position of the USA is a pretty polarizing topic. Not sure we want to go there...I'll bite my tongue -- for now.

I think this campaign is awesome. They've nailed it..rarely do you see a video and/or an ad that evokes that kind of emotion. Very well done.

Great video!!!

Who cares what others think, If you got emotional watching it, then it worked.

In my opinion, we have to chill about our friends to the south. Just enjoy what we have and that attitude will prevail.

Personally..I got a bit mistyeyed watching it. Great video!

WIth respect to the other aspect of this thread. I personally dont judge ANYONE based on nationality, race, or religion, etc.
Its been my experience that there are as many stupid ignorant Canadians as there are stupid ignorant Americans (when adjusted for population differences). Same goes for all races, etc....

Its a great video, and better than any NFL video I've seen.