Prairie football!!

The prairie teams got-r-done! Both games were excellent, and hard fought to the end.:thup:

Now it's the little teams from prairies up against the Boys from the Big City. I know who I'll be cheering for.:cowboy:

Go Bombers!!!

Good luck to my prairie brothers. Hope to see you in two weeks :wink:

And 2 you as well...I can hear those Banjo's being tuned already :smiley:

It was funny they were giving updates at the stadium prior to the Rider game starting. They announced that Westwood missed a field goal and the crowd cheers, and then they announce the Bombers win and the crowd cheers again.


Westwood should be fined for illegal use of a pigtail...but he did do a fine job of kicking today with that wind :thup:

Agree about the p-tail D, and it really was one of Westwoods best performances of his career, an absolute clinic on kicking with that wind today, he really was the Bombers best player today.

Congrats again to both winners and the Als and Stamps for making the games great to watch.

I thought that one miss was going to cost them. Great for Troy he says it like it is.

i enjoy that they cheered for the miss and the win. thats something else. I also wish my prairie boys from the west the best of luck against the lions. Shall be a great game. I am sure my blue and gold will see in you in TO in 2 weeks.

Would also like to mention that Montreal and Calgary played great games as well and sure kept things interesting. Hopefully the East and West Finals bring more of the same caliber of action. GO RIDERS!

Awww thats nice Winnipeg and Saskatchewan getting along so well... kind of makes me ill.


As long as BC doesnt win :smiley:

Well Bobby put it this way. I'd rather see a prairie team like Winnipeg get in than Toronto, and if I gotta pick between the Lions and Riders who do you think I am going to choose :wink:

hey man the prairie boys get along in time of need. i am glad ssk has the chance to play BC and make it to TO. as so i am happy my bombers have their chance at redemption against TO. and well we all wanna see a prairie GC and thats when we will be talking all the trash. it's just to bad that rider hopefuls will have to handle the upset of losing the GC to the blue and gold.