just wondering but for the cats' practises can u go in ivor wynne and watch them or go on the field or anything?

You can watch But you have to Sit in the Stands. Going on Field is no no for Insurance Reasons I was told..
They players hit the field around 10:45
for 11 AM Workout..

Look for the Open gates
There Normally 1 or two open

See ya there


You can only go on the field if you can complete a pass longer than 6 yards.

they practice?

hey onknight what days do they practice like everyday

That Depeneds on When they Play..
If the game is on Friday
count 4 Days back
it will normaly start on that day..
so that would be monday at 11..
Then they go 3 days Normal Practices
thursday would be walk Thought and Media day ..

This week there are going
4 Days + the walk Thought..

Players Start Comming on Field about 10:45

Pat Felmming is out at around 10:20
to Work on his Punting.

I was at practice one day and its kind of a neat experience. If its a nice day sit and relax in the stands and watch the offence mess every play up.

My "Garo Yepremian specials" can go -6 yds with a good headwind. LOL

I can catch well, and have been known to throw the odd forearm shiver in pickup flag football games.

"Sorry, ref, my elbow slipped!" etc... :wink:

Oski War Story,

Re practices: the ones I was able to attend in 2004 were really cool experiences. Meeting Ron Lancaster and Bernie Custis was really cool. Also, meeting some of the know who you are. :wink:

It is a telling thing. How a team practices -- the organization of such -- gives one a good insight into how successful an organization is going to be. I recall the players at that time (2004) being upbeat and focussed.

I haven't seen the team practice since then, so I have no measure on that apart from observations people make here and in The Spec.

Any time I do visit during the football season, I will head over to IWS to catch a practice.

Oski Wee Wee,

Darling Husband and I went to a practice yesterday and spent most of our time talking to two posters here in particular. I won't say who just in case they don't want me to. I will say though, that they are two INCREDIBLE gentlemen - friendly, sincere, bright. I learned a lot from both of them. They explained so much about what was happening on and off the field. THANK YOU!

One VERY SPECIAL gentleman even introduced me to my very favourite player when the practice was over. I couldn't believe anyone could be that kind! It just blew me away. That kindness and that experience will sit with me forever.

So THIS is what it means to be a Ti-Cats fan. Going to a practice rounds out the experience. I recommend it to everyone.

Oh...and the players looked delicious!