Practise Schedule

Has anyone followed up or heard news about the Alouettes and where/when they'll be practising?

I'd love to catch a practise or two over the summer

It'd be great if someone would post updates on the Alouettes practise schedule
And whether they'll be in the same place all summer

It's posted on the Als site,under News. 1 practice,this week. Wednesday.


Thanks Richard!

I wonder why there is no practice on Tuesday.

I would assume today is film day, and then you usually have 2 heavy practices plus a run-through day.

Ah it`s only Toronto, who needs practice!

Bite your tongue. Argos made an example of the ALS last season in Toronto.

Actually if you are refering to the last game of the regular season, the game was played in Montreal. And then two weeks later in the Eastern Final, Als returned the favor and made an example of the Argos at the Big O.

And the rest is history as they say. :smiley:

I of course was being facetious, there definitely is parity in the league this year. Even Edmonton who I thought would be the free space on the Bingo card will be a factor.

The strength of the Argos is their front 4 pass rush, allowing them to keep 8 defenders in coverage.

And of course Chad Owens, but Barker is getting greedy using him a little too much on offense and he has been taking a pounding.

I could be wrong,but I think that today is an off day for the Als players; yes,Anthony was eraly in the office,but that's him. Tomorrow is the film/meetings day.


Not to mention he and his wife are participating in a Cedars charity golf tournament today.

I agree about Chad Owens. There were two hits on him in the last game that rocked him hard. Utilized more than ever.

Owens was smacked around by the Blue Bombers
This is not new
The Bombers look to be even tougher/meaner than last year
(Whitaker...are you listening?)

While this will doubtless raise some hackles
I doubt a team of "lightweights" like the Alouettes
Will concern Chad Owens overmuch

Considering the returns we've given up so far
I sure hope the Alouettes have another "Chad Owens" strategy
Up their sleeves for Friday's game

BTW Richard...

Does the Alouettes practise schedule apply "rain or shine"?
It looks like rain tomorrow
It'd be a long way for me
And I wouldn't want to go for nothing

When it rains they practice inside. Weather should be OK