Anyone have any idea where the practices will be held this week, east end or west. I understand George wants to hold them inside.

I have a feeling the way the weather looks for this week and seeing we are not hosting a playoff, Cortez will take the boys to the indoor facility at Soccer World located at 104 Frid Street, Hamilton, for practice this week! As all remaining games will be indoors. IE, Toronto, then back to Toronto on Nov 11th then Montreal on Nov 18th and Finally back to Toronto to Play in the Grey Cup!
So no need for possible costly injuries by practicing in the rain and slippery conditions!
As far as I know when they practice at this location, it is CLOSED to the Public!

Thanks, I figured the public would not be allowed at the west end. I've been in both of these facilities and the one in the east has a overhead and ground level observation area so the chances of the public being injured or otherwise causing a distraction is at a minimum, but the one in the west is wide open. Thanks again for the input.

With heavy rain in the forecast for much of the week, the Ticats are also expected to do something they haven’t done all season — practise inside. Though Cortez prefers the great outdoors, the Ticats will return to Toronto on Nov. 11 if the team makes the playoffs, then travel to Montreal for the East Final should they make it that far. The Grey Cup is in Toronto on Nov. 25.

“We’re going to be playing indoors, so there’s no reason to stand outside and get wet,? Cortez said.

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...and not Players Paradise in the east end?

Which is a much superior facility. They've practiced there before.

Just checked and the practice schedule is not posted so I take this to mean that all practices, regardless of where they are, are closed???

Make's sense, since they'll be playing indoors right up until Nov 25.

Montreal will host the East Final in the Big Owe, won't they?

Cats and Birds in the Big Owe, sounds good!!

Monday's practice was in Stoney Creek according to Rick Zamperin on twitter.

Confirmed by Drew Edwards

the team went through an hour-long walk-through at Players Paradise in Stoney Creek.
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