In all the years I have followed the TiCats, I have never attended their practices. It was either work, kids, or just no time.
Can anyone come to see them practice, what gate do you enter, do you have to sit in a certain section??? I want to come to at least one before she disappears for good. Thanks

yeah, what time are the practices, as I would love to see how the defence practices because the games they play surely do not reflect any practice whatsoever

Should be updated today im guessing tues, wens, and thurs this week! Hope to see you there!

I've seen some of their practices and it's definitely not how Mosca, Henley and Zambiasi practiced. Nowhere near as intense.

Fans are asked to observe practice from Box B. PLEASE NOTE: Fans are not permitted to film anything during practice or take photographs during team drills.

Members of the media are asked to observe practice from Box C. Cameras and photographers are permitted to shoot on the sidelines but may be asked to refrain from filming specific segments of practice.

All practices will take place at Ivor Wynne Stadium unless otherwise noted. All practice times are subject to change without warning.

anyone know if players will sign autographs pre or post practices?

purchased a new Ticats football recently and would love to get a few sigs on it.

thanks guys

there is an autograph session after the game this saturday if that helps.

You can go but you might not see the D, I don't think they practice and if they do you should tell them not to bother it isn't helping them at all...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

I cannot stop laughing!!!!!!

Thanks for the info guys. Makaveli's post was hilarious! I'm sure they practice and that's what I'm most interested in. Maybe there's a clue as to why they play so poorly.

They are ALWAYS willing to sign things after practice, ALWAYS! A great group of guys, so hope to see you also there, practice starts at 1030am and ends around 1-130pm

thanks for the tips Bruce and Alan.
Much appreciated. :smiley:

Can you park in the school on Gage Ave.? Enter through the Balsam St. Gate?

Some times these gates are closed but the Melrose gates are always open! Hope to see you out this week. :rockin: