Folks it is tough being here in Texas and trying to follow the Argonauts. There doesn't seem to be much information being put out anywhere, including the papers on the internet or the club. I do know that the club is very frustrated with their current internet situation and they are doing something about it. It currently takes up to 24 hrs to get things posted on their web site, however that should be changed shortly and we will be able to receive more current updates. If anyone has an opportunity attend the practices could you please post what is happening daily if possible. I do know for a fact that Bethel loves playing for the Argo's and the Argo's like what he is bring to the party. Remember speed kills and he is sub 4.3 and healthy for the first time in several years. Only time will tell but as of now all indications are that it will be a very interesting year despite the injuries. Good luck NH

Hi Nighthorse

With Toronto being infatuated with its "hockey" team the Leafs, the Argos really don't get a lot of coverage.

I will be attending the teams annual fan day on Sunday, I will attempt to post some pics.

Thanks for your interest in the Argos.

Yes the website needed an overhaul, hopefully it is a great as promised. The best place to discuss Argo ball is over at We are always talking about the lastest news and some of us members go to camp almost everyday and can give reports. As for media, Argos section and I like the which broadcasts all the games. They also have any training camp updates and player/coach interviews from live air in the MORE AUDIO section.