So, the Riders in BC for one weekend game, which was a physical game, then to Hamilton the next weekend to play a close game doesn't count then?

I think you need to mellow out a little it. Every team faces these types of things - part of their roles, as professional players, is to deal with it.

I am sure other teams experience the same " short week " and fair much better considering theyare probably better coached and someone had provided leadership

im02 i`m as mellow as they come and Sask. had the proper week off before they played in Hamilton . If you have the 7 days off between games there is no excuse for poor play . I wasnt just talking about Hamilton i was talking about the whole idea and how it affects every team .

When the Cats had the proper week off they played very well against Sask. and should have beaten them . We`ll play very well next Friday and will come out with the win !!!!

"Practice? we talkin bout practice? Come on now......practice?....come on we ain't need no practice. Please. Whatchu talkin about practice?" - Allen Iverson

that`s why he hasnt won anything !!