With 8 days till next home game will the coaches actually use this time to practice or just give the players time off . Please practice something , anything , at least do one thing right .

sorry But they only Practice a few days.
CFL PA Limits the Time Teams can Keep players.

Well, i don't see why they can't meet up unofficially and work on a couple things.

Such as: blocking, tackling, blitzing, pass coverage, reading defenses, CATCHING THE FRICKIN' BALL!!!

Seriously, set the Juggs Machine up to eleven, and stand the receivers about 2 yards away from it. DON'T let them leave until they catch 15 balls in a row. Did I forget to mention that they are not allowed to wear any protective equipment, and the machine is aimed slightly lower than waist height?

I would love to see them practice the swing pass on offense! The play we were brutally murdered on all night...maybe our offense can learn something...and actually have the defence line up against it...and maybe they can learn something?

Great idea. We've been killed on that play two weeks in a row now.

Isn't that the same play that Jesse kills other defenses on? Just wondering.

Well then can the coaches at least put in extra time to develop a play rather then copy the playbook from the bootleg version of the 1984 Atari sandlot football game .

I think Creehan, should look at some old film of good Ticat defense. like back in the days of Montford, Hitchcock. Or even Covington, Zambiasi. Maybe it will inspire the defense and coaches to get the D rolling again.

This team needs much more than practice - it needs some leadership. For once in many years I hope and most importantly expect on of those so called coaches to STEP UP - FIGURE IT OUT and FIX IT.

Did anyone else laugh when they lined up 3 lineman and sent the other 2 out..


I thought that was strange. Maybe the OC was drinking some wobbly pops on the sideline!!

I think our defence needs a major walk threw.

Shades of Dave Beckman and infamous - "fumblerooskie"

You know buddy the team played a very good game last Saturday night at home . They then had a short week with only 2 days to prepare for Calgary a very good team in a different time zone .

Somebody should have a look at the stats of teams who play on a short week and in different time zones . This was a bush league thing to do to a pro team .

Why couldnt they have played a team close to home ?? Why make them fly way out west on a short week ?? If you dont think 3 hrs. makes a difference then I think your kidding yourself . Why does the CFL do this to thier players ?? Do they like to see blowouts ? It wasnt fair to the players or the fans who paid to watch the game !!!


Well, to be fair, it's only a two-hour time difference...not three...

If your a Sask. fan we`ll see how your team does if they fly to Toronto or Hamilton after a physical game . I dont care what team it is they will have problems on a short week . It is a stupid idea !!!! and typical CFL .

Sask. has a game in Montreal at the end of Sept. and then 5 days later they play Calgary at home . We`ll see how they do , but of course they get the HOME game and not the away game on the short week !!!

Montreal plays at home in Sept. then 5 days later they play in Calgary . Just STUPID !!!