Practice Updates -- Eastern Semi-Final

I’m a little surprised, but really pleased, to see this:

Avoiding the winds today, but at least not just resting, some more, on this extra available day.
And, closing the doors on Thursday!

How about adding in a home-town hotel stay, after a downtown fan rally Saturday night, like the winning teams of the '60’s did?

Closed door Thursday. Can't let anyone see that delayed draw on 2nd and 12.


Like button. LOL

smashes head through a wall button…

Funniest guy in here.

An unwelcome note from the first left coast practice of the week:√)

Forgot to add handing the ball off 8 yards behind scrimmage out of the shotgun making it 2nd and 20.

More on the Lions’ plans, from reporter Lowell Ullrich in Vancouver:

  • Sutton may well start and finish, but the Lions began the week toying with the idea of activating Jeremiah Johnson, which not only might provide an offensive changeup Sunday but help in the search for a missing special teams return game not aided much lately by an ailing Chris Rainey.

  • Coach Wally Buono said the Lions took linebacker Solomon Elimimian off the six-game injury list Tuesday to get a look at him in practice but the limited amount of team drills means more time will be required to make an assessment about the wrist ligament injury that has kept him out since July 29. “There’s no way of knowing until I actually play a game,? said Elimimian, who is moderately comfortable testing the wrist hitting against a tackling sled. Elimimian wore a protective corset to practice for the first time Tuesday

  • A win Sunday and the Lions will fly back Nov. 15 to Ottawa after taking a charter flight immediately after facing the Tiger-Cats.

  • B.C. will head to Hamilton a day early this week and have a full workout Friday at McMaster University not far from the athletic centre named after owner/philanthropist David Braley. Since winning the 2011 Grey Cup, B.C. is 1-5 in the playoffs and winless in five tries on the road.

Ryker Matthews, Kevin Palmer and Delvin Breaux should all be in the lineup

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
5m5 minutes ago
Jeremiah Masoli wore a knee brace on his right knee for a portion of Wednesday’s #Ticats practice. He was moving awkwardly wearing it. He eventually took it off. #CFL

Bad news about a hobbled Jeremiah. Odell Willis will be salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs.

And now this

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
6m6 minutes ago
June Jones says Masoli’s brace today was just precautionary. When asked, twice, if he was concerned about Masoli’s knee, Jones was unconcerned: “He (Masoli) is fine.? #CFL #Ticats

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
1m1 minute ago
Masoli is unconcerned about his knee. Says it won’t affect him or his mobility Sunday vs #BCLions #Ticats #CFL

Thanks for the updates Grover.

Neither June nor Jeremiah would reveal any issues with his physical fitness. Ask them a dozen times - it’s “all fine…” What else can they say? It’s not like going into a bye week in the season.

Personally, I am concerned that this will take away some of Jeremiah’s mobility which is a big part of his game. He has heart and grit so he does have that going for him.

Maybe Masoli is fine, and is just wearing the knee brace as a tribute to his former mentor, Zach Collaros.

Hopefully O.Willis doesn’t mistake JM for ZC and launch into a vicious illegal head shot.

Lowell Ullrich?
7m7 minutes ago
At #BCLions practice: More of the same; Solomon Elimimian getting first team defensive reps and work on special teams; Jeremiah Johnson also more active than Chris Rainey. #cfl

We will be running at Eliminiam, knowing he has a bad wrist.

They will be targeting Masoli’s legs, after the knee brace story today.

Think he used to wear one in Oregon.... or maybe just that one time in the highlight clip i was watching hahaha

Good thing is Odell goes after heads. Knee is a non factor for him.

Think they’ll do the free beer thing again?

Probably not. Too many complaints to the office that they were excluded.

best comment: would have been nice to give out some free soda

yes, like the team is going to reward you for buying soda…that’s where the team is turning their profits from…sodapop, lol.