Practice update @WPG - Week9

Why is it that Johnny fans cannot read and respond to a post that contains criticism about him without resorting to cheap insults aimed back at the original poster? Is it simply a case of shooting the messenger bearing bad news? Or is it a deeper insecurity, that the message you are reading contains information you fear could be true, but don't want to hear, much less accept?

This is an honest question, out of curiosity, by the way, and not intended as an insult. The above post could just have easily made its point about Manziel's dedication without the reference to "morons", "unnatural hate", and the need to "Get help." Indeed, it might have made the point more effectively, without them?

He's got me, guys. I have to concede I have not yet read the entire Internet.

I did, however, read the article I quoted from, in which Johnny's former coach calls him out for not putting in the effort required of a pro QB.

I also read that Johnny has 2 million Twitter followers and has trademarked the name "Johnny Football", so I guess you need to take all of that into account when selecting your starter.

I'm starting to think the reason we did play him at all is Jones was not confident he would look good, devaluing him in trade so they chose to cut bait while Montreal was desperate.

it would go against the narrative that this organization is lost and has no clue.... so I could be wrong.

This will be the biggest test of the season so far. We're healthy, they're healthy. Our new players have had a chance to gel and we're on the road against a solid team. We'll have a good idea where this team truly stands after this game

Well I've unfortunately also have not read the entire internet.......however I have read enough to find this interesting little nugget about Johnny Fraud after his much anticipated CFL debut .

For your reading pleasure . Courtesy of Sports Illustrated........I think everyone will find it very,very interesting indeed .

That was a great explanation of Johnny Football in SI. He'd be a great QB to have on your weekend flag football team, but as a pro football QB....not so much.

I wouldn't write off the player just yet. If he works hard this off season he can be a good QB for the Als next season I think. I do not have that same confidence for his 2018 season however.

Manziel seems to be very good at extending the play when things break down. The main concern with him is why so many of his plays break down in the first place.

I had no idea you wrote for S.I. Bobo...nice piece. :slight_smile:

Interesting thought CFO. Are you old enough to remember Ronnie Knox of the Toronto Argos, back in the 60s, I think? He was a scrambler, broken play kinda QB like Manziel, and the rumour was that he would sketch out the plays on the ground during huddles. I guess that way the receivers at least had an idea what he was looking for and where he would be looking?

I would guess with Manziel, the more he plays with a set of receivers, the more comfortable they will become with when and where the ball is coming out and where it is going. It doesn't sound like practices will be the difference?

All I can think of now is, "I wanna be the bottlecap."

A few years before my time. I was only two when he retired in 1959. But sometimes I wondered if Wally Gable might have done the same thing. Probably the only guy I've seen almost give up a safety from the other side of centre field, aside from the deliberate safeties teams used to give up at the end of games before they changed the rule.

Good 'ole Ronnie Knox, the Golden Boy, fruitcake!!! He was the "Ronnie Football" of the late '50;s. He was considered the finest U.S. collegiate quarterback after the 1955 season but wanted to quit football so he could start a movie career. His stepfather ran the show and was always getting into disputes with general managers and coaches regarding his stepson. He played one unmemorable season in 1957 for the Ticats and then was drafted by the Chicago Bears. Owner George Halas couldn't stand dealing with his meddling stepfather so he "loaned" Knox to the Toronto Argonauts. Known for throwing lots of interceptions (sound familiar?), in a game against Hamilton, he threw a beauty to linebacker Cookie Gilchrist, who instead of trying to deke out Knox, proceeded to run right over Knox stomping on his chest all the way to the endzone for a touchdown. After a second terrible season in Toronto he abruptly quit football to write poetry and resume his non-existant movie career. He died several years later after being homeless for many years. One of the oddest characters to ever play in the CFL.

Wally Gabler of the Argos and later the Bombers and Cats reminds me of Zach Collaros in physique but Wally was probably a better scrambler. Wally was a good fit for the CFL then and today he'd be perfect except for his advanced years.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I remember Ronnie Knox as a TiCat. All I can say is "Nice hair, though." ::slight_smile:

Except he didn't seem to know when to get rid of the ball. I think sometimes the other team would chase him, but not tackle him, knowing he'd turn back and give up even more yards.

I can remember going downtown for a Ronnie Knox autograph session . I believe the store was Eames, I could be wrong, near the old city hall and James north. I arrived and went upstairs to meet our new quarterback but he had already left the building . I was given an autographed picture and they stapled it to my hat . The staple would explain a lot of my memory lapses.

I think the Cats were hoping that Ronnie would become our Paul Hornung, the Golden Boy. Knox was a bust while Hornung has one in Canton.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Wow. Hard to refute any of that...but I bet some here will try. :slight_smile:

8)On the same page as that article, there is a link to a great (very Long) story about Jerry Glanville.

Well worth the long read. Glanville is still quite a character, and what an interesting guy he is !!

Tells about his time in Hamilton now, along side his old buddy June Jones.

I would venture to say that those 2 guys have forgotten more about football than most coaches
will ever learn :smiley: :smiley:

8)Hey Pat, I think that store you're referring to on James North, near old City Hall, would have been.

Graftons department store !!

Eames was located on King East near Wellington St. My parents used to take me to Eames for
new shoes a couple of times a year LOL :slight_smile:

LOL on Ronnie Knox :wink: :smiley:

Okay back on topic . This could be trouble . Delvin Breaux apparently sustaining a possible neck injury in last practice . From what Jones is saying DB will be a game time decision :-\

more here from 3DN.....