Practice update @WPG - Week9

Update from Ticats practice: It’s hot in here

Posted on August 6, 2018 by Drew Edwards // 3 Comments

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are back on the practice field for the first time since destroying the Montreal Alouettes last Friday. Here’s what we know…
• it’s 29 feels like 37 in Hamilton and the playing surface at Tim Hortons Field is even hotter. Yet somehow quarterback Jeremiah Masoli is wearing a black long sleeve hoodie under his gold practice jersey….
• there are some injuries to report. Defensive end Adrian Tracy, Canadian defensive linemen Justin Vaughn and Connor McGough, national linebacker Nick Shortill are all not practicing. Neither is return man and reserve defensive back Frankie Williams.
• it looks like Vaughn, who was injured late in the win on Friday, will be out for awhile: the team put him on the six-game injured list and activated 2018 draft pick Brett Wade.
• to make up for the absence of Shortill, the Ticats signed national linebacker Dillon Grondin to the practice roster. He played 15 games for Saskatchewan from 2016 to 2017 making one defensive tackle and six special teams tackles.
• losing quality Canadians is always tough because they are essentially impossible to replace. Vaughn is a valuable depth piece behind Ted Laurent while Shortill and McGough are big special teams contributors.
• if Tracy can’t go, look for Julian Howsare to get the start at end (12 tackles and one sack in six games this season.)
• if Williams is out, punt return duties could be handled by Brandon Banks or Chris Williams, both former winners of the CFL’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player award who are now primarily receivers. Jalen Saunders returned punts in the NFL. In other words, lots of options.

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Any Ticat fans cheering for WPG this week? You know, to send a message to mgmt?

Or is that only when we play against Manziel?


IMO the Cats need to move on from Shorthill when his current deal expires. He misses too many games due to injury.

Well played.

LOL !!! Well done E-Pat ;Dand speaking about this has anybody heard a peep from GOTC1 recently ?
He's been pretty quiet the last few days . In fact since the game I believe . Me thinks that maybe , just maybe he has entered the CFL Fan Witness Protection Program either that or he's gone MIA . ;D

Hey, the only reason that he and some people on here were cheering for Johnny Manziel is that
he is a former TiCat, and had just been traded to Montreal !!

Are we all supposed to hate former TiCat players just because they got traded away ?? :wink:

That is just not right to do that :wink: :wink: ::slight_smile: LOL

No. Some people hate Austin/Mitchell/Young/Jones so much that they want to be right and the front office be wrong so they can feel vindicated for their comments on message board.

I took a look down memory lane at some old threads today. There's some doozies from last year.

They failed anyway.

Instead of Crow, management feasted on Lark.

I liked Manzeil and I still do. I don't like Tillman and I still don't.
I think Masoli has not proven he's "Elite" . If he can win the next two games I
will reconsider my oppinion.
End of Story. (Time will Tell)

"I liked Manziel and still do"

I agree . In fact I like him a whole lot more now that he's an Alouette . 8)

"I don't like Tillman and still don't"

I gotta admit I'm not the biggest fan of Tillman either BUT I like him a whole lot more now that your boy Manziel is in Montreal . 8)

Coach Jones again described Jeremiah's work habits as outstanding . I don't recall Jones saying that Johnny Football was the first in and last out of the building . That could be damning with faint praise or maybe I read too much into the reason for the trade to the Als.

I'm happy with the guy we kept and sometimes the grass isn't always greener .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

When he was a Ticat, if Manziel had arrived at THF hours before his teammates, and left hours after his teammates left (like Masoli and Dane Evans do), Tillman and June Jones would have mentioned that during interviews, and Manziel probably wouldn't have been traded. But Manziel clearly didn't dedicate himself in Hamilton like management expected Manziel to. Remember the first bye week? Manziel's instagram account reflected that he and his wife were on vacation on an island down south somewhere. Wouldn't that bye week have been better spent by Manziel working out with teammates and watching extra film in Hamilton?

Coming off a bye week, the Bombers, tied for 3rd overall league-wide, are rested and basically injury free:

Sometimes you gotta focus on your self-promotional podcasts and e-commerce ventures. I think we've all been there.

It's not a Johnny thread, but I'm posting it here because it relates to some recent comments.

Ticats coach Jones says Manziel needs to prepare like a starting QB

Hamilton head coach June Jones said Manziel’s lack of preparation time was certainly a factor in his poor performance, but that the onus is on him to put the work in now that he’s the man in Montreal.

“It was a growing period while he was here and now he has to start preparing himself as the starter, start coming into the office at 6:30 a.m., spend the long hours until 6 or 7 at night. That’s the kind of commitment you need as a starting quarterback,? Jones said. “Jeremiah is here all the time that I’m here and that’s what it takes to play quarterback in this league.?

Almost as blatant a statement about Johnny's work ethic as you would expect to see from a guy like Jones. I'm curious if anyone sees it any other way.

I like Jeremiah Masoli. I think he's a good quarterback. I'm glad we have him. He plays well, works hard and wants to be here.

This elite business leaves me cold. I think its pretty much meaningless. I'd say if a player is in the HOF, or is just waiting for eligibility, he probably qualifies as elite. Otherwise, it's just a question of who you like and how you define it.

I didn't care much for Manziel. Lots of apparent talent, a resume with not much recent accomplishment, a dubious work ethic, middling interest in the CFL. I'm glad we moved him. I was OK with Collaros, but always thought he was overpaid. I wish them both well, but am not overly interested in what they do with their current teams.

I do question some of Tillman's moves, but he knows a hell of a lot more about football talent than I do. Plus, he sees it up close, and talks about it with the coach... who I also like.

So... It appears none of you morons read the reports coming out of Montreal re him spending massive time drawing out plays on the white board and watching film prior to last week's game. Reports indicated he watched film on EVERY Ticat game including preseason. Now... when it comes to all things Johnny, I'm neutral. But you twits have an unnatural hate on... Get help.

He also watched every Disney princess movie too... didn't seem to help ::slight_smile:

You can tone down the insults, does not add to your post.
Report that was linked also indicte that he didn't work very hard while a member of the Ticats. This is NEW news. A coach calling out an ex-player is very unusual.
Now if you read between the lines wouldn't every member of the Cats have watched game film of every game including preseason? He was a member of the team? Of course he watched game film of preseason. He obviously needs some assistance in digesting what he watched though.