Practice update week8 @MTL

Not sure about that. I remember Green being a very good consistent runner. Almost all were over five yards, but none, maybe one, being over 20 yards.

Not that that's a bad thing. But not sure he has big play potential.

Saunders fined for hit (or is it hit for a fine :o)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Jalen Saunders was fined for an unnecessary hit to the head area of an opponent who was on the ground.

FYI - One half game cheque is the Maximum fine in the CFL

No surprise here. While not late (the player hadn't been touched and was attempting to get back on his feet), it was rougher than it needed to be with much of the impact on the defender's head.

Absolutely agree that we have to monitor and eliminate head shots. Yet we rarely see a call when a 225 pound linebacker rides Banks out on the sidelines or crushes Saunders as he steps out. What's Saunders, a buck seventy soaking wet? Just saying sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Timmis has shown he has big play ability.

Green will have a breakout game vs the Als. He is a great RB.

I agree both have shown more speed than Green too. Remember he was good but mostly having complaints about not having extra burst finishing runs last year. Do think he's a solid starter tho.

Alex Green is BY FAR, the best RB on our roster.

If he's ready, he plays.

According to Jones' presser, Green is the 'starter', and has not done so as he has been sidelined because of injury. Jones' belief, and I agree completely on this one, is that a starter does not lose his position only because of injury. So, Green is healthy, ready to start, and therefore resumes his position. If he no longer is capable, then we have a different situation.

Having said that, I don't feel the same argument applied to White, and think that if White was indeed a sub for Green, this would have been an excellent opportunity to see if either Timmis or Thomas-Erlington were ready to step up and step in.

Question is did coach do a poll of the locker room like last year?

Jones comparing White to Tanner Doll has gotta be scary for White right now. Pretty sure that's about the end of Jon White in Hamilton

Gotta listen to the kids sometimes.

But that means that he likes White. I didn't hear this reference in regards to White but i did hear Jones say he feels horrible because cutting Doll was the first time in his life he had to cut someone who did nothing wrong.
White is a hell of a blocker and I think he would be a solid RB option. We are pretty stacked up at the RB position.

My thinking is it's gonna be his second time cutting someone who did nothing wrong

The sample size for Timmis and Erlington are small but when they played they ripped off some pretty nice runs. I hope we get to see them more often.