Practice update week8 @MTL

Louis Butko?
1m1 minute ago
Coach June Jones said today he expects Tolliver and Tasker to be ready to go this week vs. Montreal. Was less confident on Banks, who didn't practice today. Alex Green (eligible to come off 6G injured list) decision to come in "24 hours or so." #Ticats #CFL

O Boy can't wait.....NOT :-[ :-[

Toliver and Tasker have been missing in the offence, will be good to get some of these guys back. Hopefully Green can replace White as well and we can have a run game again!

Thanks for the updates Grover!

I would like to hear the coach explain why Timmis and Thomas-Erlington are not considered for RB. I feel the experiment with White was a failure and I do not know anything about Green. Both Timmis and Thomas-Erlington were successful in each of their starts, why the reluctance to go back to one or both? They both dress anyway.

  1. Exactly !! It is really unbelievable that neither one of them is starting in the backfield after
    what they both did a few games ago !!

I would love to ask the coach that question, better yet, listen to his answer !! :o ::slight_smile:

His answer would probably go something like this :

"Well I sure do like the two kids and they're both good players but...............Oh sorry I lost my train of thought what was the question again ? ???

Same here. I liked the way Green ran late last year, but he's going to be rusty coming off the 6 game. Start Timmis & play 5 import receivers.

White is a very good RB. Let’s see how others do after they keep trading away their blockers and lane openers.Green as well as our Canadian RB’s are also very good RB’s

Haven't really had a chance to see White's prowess from the back field but his blocking is the worst I've seen in a long time!

yeah I’m having a tough time believing that White stinks so much that the other 2 were that much better… me thinks the holes were much better in the games where we played light defences.

But I do think that if its close the Canadian(s) should start.

You know who can really block? EDM's current RB. He's not too shabby carrying the ball either, when you actually give him a chance.

Agreed. The problem is that ship has sailed.

I saw a few awesome blocks by White. Knocked a dude flat on his butt on one occasion.

Brandon Banks is chasing down some very influential TiCats. 8)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats PR?
1m1 minute ago
With 113 receiving yards Saturday versus the @REDBLACKS, @speedybanks87 passed Rocky DiPietro for third in @Ticats history in combined yards (9,819). Banks now sits 394 yards away from Tommy Grant for second in team history in combined yards. #Ticats


14,798 – Earl Winfield (67 RSH, 10,119 REC, 2,834 PR, 1,650 KR, 128 MFGR) – (1987–97)
10,213 - Tommy Grant (559 RSH, 6,461 REC, 1,195 PR, 1,998 KR, 0 MFGR) - (1956-68 )

Louis Butko?
6m6 minutes ago
Brandon Banks back out on the practice field for the #Ticats. June Jones said yesterday they were encouraged by how he felt after missing first two practices of the week. #CFL

Update from Ticats practice: A change at running back?

Louis Butko?
36m36 minutes ago
Based on the way June Jones was talking after practice it sounds like Alex Green will make his season debut Friday in Montreal. #Ticats #CFL

I have no problem with this, Green was our starting RB last season and should not lose his job due to injury.
I hope he tears it up!!

Need a change at RB? How about going for a Timmis run?

I'd rather see Erlington or Timmis right now. Green hasn't played in awhile. Don't like the selection.

Green has big play ability that Timmis and Erlington lack. This is an easy decision.