Practice update week 19 @OTT

from post practice scrum

Alex Greene at RB

Palmer is the Left Tackle

Sinkfield will be a later decision

Tracy still not ready

re: Sinkfield
You would think returning kicks and/or a package of plays would be acceptable. Just having him in the lineup gives the team versatility should someone get injured.

Just putting Sinkfield on the field will draw at least one DB, or allow the offence to flood a zone and double up on a DB?

One thing that Marshall Ferguson was saying is that the JJ offense requires a lot of read and react, makes it harder to just bring in new guys and start them right away. Hopefully Sink can pick up enough to get on the field Friday.

In the words of Mike Sherman, “We didn’t bring him here to sit on the bench”

I think he will at minimum, be on Punt and Kick returns

That’s another reason it’s disappointing that Owens got hurt. Hawaiian connection wasn’t just sentimental: he had played in a June Jones offence before.