Practice update vrs TOR, Fantuz and Kanneh

"Canadian receiver Andy Fantuz practiced with the first team offence on Tuesday, which means it’s possible he’ll play Saturday in the key matchup against Toronto."

" running backs C.J.Gable and Alex Green appear to be splitting reps in practice. Gable has been the starter for most of the season but missed last week due to injury while Green put up 140 yards on13 carries in the win against the Lions. It’s unlikely that both will play against Toronto, however, given the Ticats’ ratio configuration."

"defensive back Abdul Kanneh took some reps with the first team offence on Monday which means he is also a possibility to play on Saturday."

"Canadian defensive tackle Mike Atkinson is also back at practice, meaning he could provide another potential national starter."
"which is good timing becauseit looks like Canadian safety Courtney Stephen is dealing witha lower body injury and didn’t finish practice. Jay Langa took some reps at safety."


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3m3 minutes ago
#Ticats rookie of year candidate Richard Leonard is missing practice due to the birth of his child. #CFL

and this update

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2m2 minutes ago
Leonard may be gone two days for birth of his child "but he'll be ready to play on game day". June Jones. #Ticats #CFL

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2m2 minutes ago
#Ticats still deciding on Gable or Green at running back vs. #Argos. Jones asked some teammates and says, like coaches, they're split. #CFL

The more i watch Leonard play the more he reminds me of Devin Breaux one of my all time favorite Cats DBs.
Devin Breaux lite. He is starting to add in the swagger too.

Either is a fine choice IMO.
CJ had 6 rushes for 43 yards and a TD against the Arblows in our last matchup

I guess we'll have to await the results of the team vote. Could be a close one.

I'm thinking it comes down to what you're looking for in a running back. Do you want someone who can carry the ball, hitting the holes quickly, and then carry the first and second tackler a few more yards? Or do you want someone who is an effective pass blocker, while still providing a bit of a running threat.

Personally, my vote would be for Green, as he seems to be better at running the ball than Gable. And Green had only been with the team a few days prior to last week's game after being out of football for a while, so I'm giving him a bit of a pass on the blocks he missed.

Depending on the number of nationals we can dress and start, is there a possibility of dressing both?

Jones asking the opinions of teammates as to who should start at RB? wow.

It did say that he asked some players. That may just be the QBs and a couple of senior players, e.g. Fantuz (who's been a coach all year), and maybe an experienced offensive linemen or two.

BTW, I just watched the first quarter and a half, looking at Green's blocking. He was called on to block 11 times. He missed one (second time called on), there was no one to block on one, and he made his block on the rest. And in one case, he actually took on two rushers, a hand on each one's chest, and slowed them enough to give Masoli time to get the ball away.

Even Cobourne missed a block here and there, so as I said, I'm giving Green a pass on his misses last week.

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Congratulations to #Ticats defensive back Richard Leonard (@trey4six) and his girlfriend, Tiana, on the birth of their baby girl, Ryleigh!

Jones should ask seat holders on any team decisions too. If he,s running a football democracy I demand my voice be heard.
I will not be silenced.
Justice delayed is justice denied.

Jones is asking the team to vote on who gets to play? What is this, "TSN Survivor - CFL Edition"? And the tribal council says --

Sounds like a quick way to isolate a guy from his team-mates, and just can't see the loser of this vote showing the love. Guess I'm getting too old to understand the mechanics of running a team, but this strikes me as a poor choice at best and a morale buster for someone at worst.

I really hope Fantuz is able to play against the Argos as he offers a tall sure handed option in the middle for about 7 to 10 yards. If there is a blitz or broken play then Masoli has a tall option to make a quick pass to with a high percentage of success . This also then takes Baines off the field who wasn't really doing anything and cause the Argos defence to have another asset to worry about . Green or Masoli can run ....tasker can take short crossing routes and FANTUZ can get catches in the middle of the field and banks and saunders have speed to burn so they have to respect that and keep the safety back there. I hope to see another good game by Chambers and Green .It will be a shame is Gable starts essentially we would be shooting ourself in the foot .

It is obviously June Jones decision on the RB.
I will be okay either way,
140yrds rushing last game says Green gets the start! :slight_smile:

Where is the cotton-picking "Like" button?

Ticats Andy Fantuz set to return this weekend against Argos

"Canadian receiver Andy Fantuz practiced with the first team offence for the third straight day and it’s expected he’ll be in the line up for Saturday’s game against the Toronto Argonauts.
The Ticats had initially targeted next week as a return date but Fantuz has been able to accelerate the timetable. He said earlier this week that if the knee responded well as he ramped up his workload, he would like to start in Saturday’s key divisional match up.

In other injury news, it looks like defensive back Abdul Kanneh will be in the line up this week after playing just 30 minutes this season due to injury issues. Canadian defensive tackle Mike Atkinson could also return, giving the Ticats some much-needed ratio depth.

At running back, it looks like C.J. Gable will return to his starting role despite the strong performance (140 yards on 13 carries) by Alex Green in the win over B.C. last week. Green took some reps with the first unit as well, however, so that decision may not be set in stone."

And now this

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14m14 minutes ago
#Ticats HC June Jones says he's decided on starting RB for Sat but wants to talk it over with staff.

Great to see Andy and Abdul back in the line-up. I wonder how long it will take for these guys to get back into game shape, especially Abdul. The secondary is really rounding out into form with the bend but don't break philosophy. I have really enjoyed watching Lolley's schemes over the past four games.

I will be disappointed if Green doesn't get the nod. We need to see if he can consistently keep up that level of play for long term positional planning.

Bend but don’t break is a very tenuous strategy.

Against BC, bend but don’t break meant letting Chris Williams get behind you on a deep pass and then hope he dropped it. Which he did.

We still have room to get better.

Absolutely! No DB meant for Williams to get behind them. That was a bust... But I like the way the defense has been trending towards better play as of late. It's good to see the cohesiveness these guys have displayed since the coaching changes. Actually looks like they are enjoying playing hard nosed football again.

More pressure from the front four would go a long way. The blitzes are rushing the QB's but if a guy like Ray can hit a hot read it will hurt us a lot.

Pound Ricky Ray into the turf!