Practice update vrs Johnny Week 21

Louis Butko?

Jeremiah Masoli did not practice today. June Jones says he’s dealing with a “bum knee? but expects him to be out there tomorrow. Tasker held out today as well. #Ticats #CFL

What is the medical term for “bum knee”??

“I don’t want to be second guessed for sitting him if we lose the playoff game…so i’ll take the Patriots approach and have him show up on the injury report with a random injury.”

Ryker Mathews will be out, Avery will probably replace him
Tasker is iffy, Masoli’s knee is swollen

Drain the knee, give him a shot of cortisone, put him in a brace and have him hold the clip board on Saturday. IMO without Mazoli our chances in the ESF are nil. Give the Manzelites a day of glory, save Jeremiah for the semi-final.

A day of glory. Sounds like an NFL Films Presents: The Day of Glory.

Perhaps No Johnny??

Didier Orméjuste???
8h8 hours ago
Johnny Manziel suffered a bruised hand and didn’t practice today.

I’d like to see the Ticats use a two RB backfield against Montreal as a test run for possibly using the same system against BC. Green and White, Timmis or Thomas Erlington, or a combination of all 4, rotating in and out.

I don’t think we can beat BC if we rely too much on our passing game. We just don’t have the personnel, receiver-wise.

Well I know what I’m doing Saturday now. NCAA it is.
If the teams are going to treat this as a preseason game, so will I.

How can you not have any interest in a Dane Evans vs. Pipkin matchup? ;D

I guess the question might become do you want to see a “pre-season game? line-up for a meaningless game on Nov 3, or for the semi-final on Nov 11? If Breaux, Tasker, Mathews and Mazoli are banged up, I’d rather see them rested on the 3rd, and playing on the 11th.

This game has now made me a “game time decision”.

Weather dependent.

Masoli is only a few yards behind Reilly. I wonder if Jones will let him play to possibly overtake Reilly as the CFL passing leader? Of course it sounds foolish to gamble a possible Grey Cup for the CFL passing crown. But you never know what’s in the head of Jones.

JONES doesn’t know what’s in the head of Jones… lol

He’s also only about 140 yards behind Burris for most Ticat passing yards in a season.

I'm good with it, just doesn't mean I'm going to go that's all.

Wait’ll Drew gets a hold of this

"Manziel Bails on Teammates. Ducks Season Finale With “Injury”.

Not one game this week end has a bearing for playoffs. Perhaps if only each div winner then next best four teams got in would make more interesting.

As it is all meaningless games at regular season prices. Not good for league.

oh man Jeremiah is only going to play a bit an tasker is ify. The tiger cats are the most injured team in the cfl. I hope they can beat montreal.

The Calgary/BC game will determine who finishes first in the West. If CAL loses, SSK claims first place.

No reason for Johnny to fake an injury. With the victory last week, he has proven everything he came up here to prove. His CFL legacy is assured.