Practice update vrs Arblows

Having Matthews back is awesome. Need to get that line playing together and a strength of the team.

I have been impressed when Okafor has been given a chance, he seems to be developing quite nicely.

I’m surprised the team didn’t get an extra practice in, yesterday, after having two full days off, Monday and Tuesday, and heading into their second bye week after the Labour Day game.

I know Tracy was hurt in warm ups last game and he was on the sidelines with his arm in a sling.

Does anyone know what happened that causes him to be “out for the season”?

I didn’t hear that he was out for the season.

That was a very innocent one on one warm up drill…add to NFL cuts airlift.
One ready to plug and play DE.

Kyle Melo tweet.

Tricep injury, scheduled for surgery and done for the season as per Coach O

That was one costly warm-up.

Sounds like the same injury that took Westerman out for the rest of the season. I wonder if he was doing the same warm-up drill at the time? If so, probably time for our D-linemen to come up with a different one.

Big opportunity for Howsare to take over and own that DE spot.

I didn’t like Howsare at all last year.
With 3 studs playing beside him this year he has looked great.
YUP, time to step up.

Also holding out hope that Maudlin can be a difference maker. If healthy he will see some meaningful reps.

From the list of those not practising, Brooks stands out, to me, as perhaps being the biggest concern if he can’t go on Monday. Toronto has a strong receiving corps and lining up against them, will be tough for a TiCat defensive backfield, short two starters for the first time this year.

If Brooks can’t go then we would probably see either Carnell or Will Likely. Haven’t seen enough of those guys to judge if they are a downgrade but Argos would probably pick on them a bit.

Either way this secondary is stellar this season and the least of our concerns.

Sorry to hear about Tracey, that’s some bad luck. But glad to see the O-Line at full strength.

Yep , sorry indeed to hear about the injury that has prematurely ended Adrian’s season . I guess the only fortunate thing though for the team is the fact that we are knee deep in depth at the DE position .

We still have the likes of Davis , Howsare , McGough , Maudlin and to a lesser extent global player Gnahoua on the roster to draw on. My guess is that Howsare will take starting reps as the prime replacement with Maudlin coming off the 1 gm as his backup and to spell him off in rotation .

I thought that personally Howsare did a more than adequate job filling in for Tracy after his freak accident in the warm-ups in BC last game . Considering we also were without Big Teddy in the middle as well and still managed to rack up 7 sacks in that game I’d have to say that on a whole our entire D Line unit right across the board is one of the strongest and deepest in the league bar none .

WOW…that’s a real shame. I hope the surgery goes well and we can have him back next year.

Brooks looked fine at practice today. No doubt he’s starting on Monday.

But what were the coaches wearing?

Okay b&g and you too bobo82…it’s Mauldin not Maudlin…unless you were talking about Sammy Maudlin of SCTV fame. :smiley:

Coach O was wearing a really funny hat, even funnier than the one Kavis Reed used to wear.