Practice update @Lions, Gable in Ford out

Short week so only 2 practices this week
From Steve Milton

Michael Ford, the main cog in the Cats' increased commitment to the run, was hurt against Montreal and won't play Friday in B.C. but it appears that CJ Gable, injured since Aug. 3, will return to the backfield for Friday's game at BC Place Stadium. "Unless there's a setback today, he looks like he's ready to play," said Kent Austin. "I'm not anticipating any issues but you never know." … Simoni Lawrence, who left Sunday's game after getting hit in the head, practised and is ready to go "unless there's a setback" Austin says … Jeff Mathews could enunciate better yesterday but still has an ugly looking cut on his tongue which filled his mouth with blood during the game. He says his teammates had trouble understanding his signals … Austin praised the versatility of running back Anthony Woodson, who filled in after Ford was hurt … because it's a short week, receiver Terrence Toliver and tackle Joel Figuero won't return to the lineup for B.C.

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#Ticats RB @CJ_Gable practiced today & could play Friday vs. the #BCLions. Michael Ford ruled out. #CFL

So basically outside of CJ finally returning from yet another injury and Ford being out with one, it sounds like the lineup will be pretty much the same as last games. I'm just wondering though if there will be any word on when Murray might possibly be back in the lineup ? I could be wrong but I thought that I read or heard somewhere last week that Murray was back practicing with the team and is getting close to returning. It's good to hear the news on Simoni although I didn't think that the Defense dropped off much without him in there.I thought that Caldwell did a more than adequate job of replacing Lawrence in the Montreal game and it just shows how much talent and depth that this team has this season. :thup:

In addition to Gable possibly returning, Grant and Murray might also. Here's a Steve Milton tweet from the Tuesday practice, the first of just two sessions before flying 'cross country on Thursday:

No Ford at #Ticat practice. CJ Gable took some snaps in early drills, Simoni Lawrence out there, so are Bakari Grant and Rico Murray. #CFL

Please Coach A don't cut 27Ford he's a good player and getting better.

Agree that Caldwell did a good job in replacing Lawrence, but Simoni is such a leader on the team and seem to me to be the heart and soul of the defense so I'm glad he'll be back. He did tweet after the game that he was OK so I suspect that keeping him out was mostly a precautionary measure.

Great that Gable is likely to be back (Ford is injured catfish - doubt he'll be cut) but apparently on a short week, Toliver and Figueroa are not likely to be back. Having Murray and Grant back too would be even better

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#Ticats RB @CJ_Gable taking first team reps today. Barring something weird, he's playing Friday vs. #BCLions.

Austin would be crazy to cut Ford after the way he's played and the unreliability of Gable to stay healthy.

Yes you are right and Gable's injuries have all been different ones, it's not like he has re-injured an old injury.
You let Gable play and then make sure there is a good back up because the odds are he will be injured again.

In any easier post, in this thread, I made reference to the team flying to Vancouver on Thursday. Was pleased to learn later, from Coach Austin's tuesday post-practice scrum, that they're flying out tonight which should help with the time change and playing late at night home time.

Table for 25 at the ROXY

:thup: Good Grey Cup Memories!

Did you two see the play he got hurt on ? by your posts dont look like it :confused:

Yes I did, in fact I was at that game it looked painful I had the binos on him. As I said Gable's injuries have all been different ones and he admits that in the Scratching Post interview that he plays hard.
I will repeat what I said above "you let Gable play hard and make sure there is a good back up becuase the odds are he will be injured again"