Practice Update for Week 11 vrs EDM

Depth Chart confirms that. John Green, with season-ending surgery this week, goes to the 6-Game Injured List and Leonard is on the 1-Game List. New TiCat Josh Johnson is added as a back-up DB and Everton Williams is activated, but almost certain to be the NAT Reserve. The INT Reserve will depend on whether or not Saunders can play. Two former Cats are the only additions to the EDM line-up -- Gable and Giguere.

Here is the depth chart

Of course CJ Gable is in for the ESKs

Dave Campbell?
1h1 hour ago
Changes to the 46-man roster. ON: RB C.J. Gable and REC Sam Giguere. OUT: RB Shaq Cooper (PR) and FB Alex Dupuis (6-game injured). REC Vidal Hazelton listed as a starter for the first time since Week 1. Bryant Mitchell listed as a backup. #Eskimos #CFL

Interesting looking at the Eskimo depth chart that they only have one RB listed with no back-up dressed . One would have to wonder what their game plan will be if Gable happens to go down with an injury tomorrow night ?

They do have 3 listed at fullback but I’m not too sure how effective 12 yr man McCarty would be with only 1 carry for 4 yds on the season . As for the other two listed they are strictly special teamers . Normand hasn’t got a carry all season and Green the 3rd stringer is a raw rookie who also has no stats to speak of on the year .

I’m not hoping for any injuries in the game for either side but with Gables past injury history if he indeed does go down it could very well be a gamble by Maas that might just backfire in our favour .

Im not that worried about Gable going down; when you have Reilly as your Qb.

The great thing about the Eskimos is they look beatble every game; in the past when we lost to them, it was our bone headed plays and not Edmonton that beat us.

We should win tomorrow, team would have cleaned up the penalty issues.

The hometown faithful deserve this much.

Masoli will show everyone tomorrow what he is made of. Maybe then, guys will stop and recognize that he is truly the best QB in the CFL 8)

Playing against the Cat’s run defence he could very well be Player of the Week. 8)

Actually, I have been impressed with our run defence. Maybe one of our better features against Winnipeg?

Well we are dead last in the league both in yards allowed per carry (6.0) as well as rushing yards allowed per game. (128.4)

On the other hand we are first in every defensive passing category.

So as long as Reilly doesn't let Gable have the ball then we should be fine. ;D

Krisiun, you only confuse me with the facts, my mind was already kind of made up! :wink: