Practice Update for Week 11 vrs EDM

Notes: June Jones says Delvin Breaux, who didn’t take part in Sunday’s competitive sessions, will likely play against the Eskimos. … fellow DB Richard Leonard will not return from injury in time for Thursday. … Jones thinks Frankie Williams will return from the injured list to return kicks Thursday. … The Ticats added a pair of international defensive backs to the practice roster over the weekend. Josh Johnson, 27, has played 38 CFL games with B.C. and Ottawa, straddling two seasons (2016-17) with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Robert Porter Jr., 25, dressed for five games last year with Winnipeg.

They also addressed the Penalty/Discipline problem

I can live with occasional offsides, procedure, even incidental contact or PIs. But there is no excuse for dead ball penalties. Rough play or roughing the passer is in large part a “judgement call”, and unless it is obviously late, or especially, after the whistle, I can cut the player some slack.

But, IMO, late hits, out-of-bounds hits, taunting and dead ball fouls, are inexcusable and should result in team fines. “Addressing the situation” is obviously not working. If you hurt the team with your out-of-line behaviour, then the team hurts you in the wallet. Simple concept: touch the hot stove, you get burned. Quick, efficient and to the point.

After losses in 4 of our last 5 games, this is as close to a must win game as their will be so far!
We seem to be self inflicting.
Time to bring all 3 phases of the team together,Offense, Defence and Specials.

TOR is our biggest rival right now,
They seem to be finding ways to win

We seem to be finding ways to lose, TIME TO TURN IT AROUND!!

No mention of whether Saunders will be ready to play. Injured in Winnipeg. Pictured carrying his helmet at practice so a good sign???

I don’t recall whether he had been game-to-game or on the 6 game injury list.

We certainly need him in the lineup!

In his presser, Coach said Saunders will play. :slight_smile:

OH NO!!!

The ESK’s are unleashing Giguere on us, We are doomed

Dave Campbell?
58s58 seconds ago
#Eskimos have brought back REC Sam Giguere after releasing him last week. Can fill in on special teams with the injury to Alex Dupuis. Not sure if there’s an injury concern with one of the Canadian receivers as well. #CFL

lol . It could’ve been worse Grover . The Schmoes could’ve brought back and unleashed my main man Aprile on us . Then we would really be doomed . ;D ::slight_smile:

Be careful with the quips about Giguere and Aprile! Ex-Cats seem to have a tendency to put out personal career record games when playing against us, coming out of nowhere, then fading away immediately afterwards. Stephen King could write a novel about?

Joe Montford’s name will be going onto the “Wall of Fame” at THF at half time!

Just a fantastic read from Milton on him here!

“I didn’t know anything about Canada when I came up there,? he says. “My mom packed me one of those trunks like you take away to college and she piled it up with long johns.
“I love Canada, I love Hamilton. I didn’t regret going to Toronto or Edmonton, they are good cities, but I regret leaving Hamilton. I just wish I’d played my whole career there.
“I know in my heart I should have always been a Tiger-Cat.?
Now, he always will be.

Tweet from Steve Milton at Day 3 practice for playing EDM on Thursday:

#Ticats DL Justin Vaughn, LB Nick Shortill and RB John Green, all headed for season-ending surgery this week, two of them today. #CFL

Ouch… Do they have the depth to sustain the injuries?

I thought Green had a strong presence at RB, he will be missed, not sure White can carry the freight the rest of the way. Vaughn will be missed on rotational play, but maybe now Westerman can step up and step in to earn his way. Shorthill has been a valuable ST guy, on a squad that has been less than capable. Three valuable players, just as we enter the heart of the season.

Before anyone starts to go into panic mode thinking RB "Alex" Green , Milton has since retweeted and corrected to DB John Green .

steve milton @miltonatthespec
Its DB not RB John Green going for surgery for #Ticats #CFL

And I shall delete as it's was corrected as I was typing.

I hesitate to say “good news” as it is certainly not good news for John Green or the others two. But I am relieved to read it was not Alex, the RB. Justin Vaughn has had a tough year with injuries, starting in pre-season. Hope he and Shorthill have successful re-habs and are set for 2019.

This is not a huge surprise considering Shorthill and Vaughn were on the six game list for the Winnipeg game. As far as Green he was listed as backup field corner. If Leonard (field half) cant go not sure of his replacement will be.

Leonard is definitely out. It was looking like Frankie Williams was going to return but that might be iffy. Look for one of the two new DB’s, Johnson or Porter, to dress if Williams can’t go.

Is there anyway Stephens could play half? At least he should know the coverages and defensive schemes. Johnson or Porter could be back-ups, excepting, of course, Stephens is a national and the other two internationals.

Westerman might have to be the ratio buster?

With Breaux returning from injury I would think that Mariel Cooper would play the DB spot which was covered by John Green last game.

Good thought, makes sense.