Practice Tomorrow

I've never been to a practice and I was thinking about heading down tmrw since I have the day off. I was just wondering where I should park, what are the practices like ie is there any player/fan interaction, and what time I should be there for. Thanks a lot.

Practice tommorrow is scheduled for 11:30 to 12:45

You can park right on Balsam st. beside the Balsam gate (east side of stadium)

I've seen players come over to sign autographs and chat with kids/fans at the end of practice.

If Ron Trentini appears at the practice again, it may be via the Cpl. Kilnger of MAS*H route:


Oski Wee Wee,

It just a walk threw nothing Big ..
No Hitting
The Team walks over it plans and Make sure each Unit know who is on it

It won't be a typical practice tomorrow. They have already had their quota [3] this week.

THERE WILL BE 20- 30 minute 'WALK THROUGH' that starts at 10:45

I know the time as a friend of mine asked Drew
Edwards the Spectator's football beat reporter.

The media does interviews when the 'walk through' is over
and fans can then get autographs or talk to the players.

Definition: 'WALK THROUGH'

The players on Friday's game roster

will 'walk through' their assignments
as members of the units they play on

for 20 minutes to an half hour

to make sure they have their assignments clear.

Offence, Defence, Special teams i.e. the punting team
punt coverage team, punt receiving, kick off return etc.

Who's #69? Saw him at practice but didn't know who he was and he wasn't listed. Is it Landry?

what do you guys think is the best day of practice to attent? 1,2,3 or 4?

Each practice is a repeat of the first one. Few differences.

The short, limited 'walk through' one day before the game
has no drills or 12 vs 12 game reps and is of almost no interest.

The 1st 15 Min of Practice of all Practices but the walk threw are Closed to Fans

So really don't matter what day you go. 1 2 or 3

We can still get autographs after right?