Practice Today

The Scratching Post has an interesting piece today of a "troll" who showed up to practice with signage claiming he was a better DC than Casey Creehan and that George Cortez had to go.

He claims that he did it so the players would get a chuckle. I'm certain they are laughing at him, not with him.

Not sure why Drew posted this as it is less than newsworthy.

Note to Neville Nazir, the person behind this charade;

You pay to go to games where you can voice your support or displeasure in any form you want.

At practice, you are a guest of the team ... you have no rights to belittle anyone associated with the club. Hopefully you haven't ruined it for others who religiously attend practices as a way of showing support for the team. I wouldn't be surprised if they consider "Closed Practices" moving forward.

There will be a lynch mob coming after you if that is the case.

Stay home if you can't keep your negative thoughts to yourself ... you are only making yourself look foolish.

Get a life.

No, I disagree with you fully. I'm pretty sure the players are laughing with him.

We need to applaud this angry little troll. He had the balls to let the coaches know exactly how most of us feel. His only mistake is that he didn't gather up a whole mob to send the message. :cowboy:

How did he have the balls when he was wearing a mask! I was there and witnessed it personally and they players where laughing at him, not with him. Trust me, actually Marwan and Scott escorted him out! None where to happy! He totally disrupted the practice! Why would ANY player having respect for his coaches be laughing with him! His sign was totally bashing their bosses!

This incident was no big deal. Fans have let the players know what they think of their performances for decades, be it at a store, gas station, you name it, and it did not get media coverage.

Unfortunately, as insightful as some of Drew Edward’s material is, he does put out a lot of useless and trival garbage. The Wiz does not interest me, nor does a twitter tweet of Avon, or what Edward’s favourite meal is on the road in Regina or elsewhere. Really, that is pretty lame stuff.

Stick to the football. I would have been impressed with Edwards if he was able to score an interview with Creehan and ask him tough questions on what happened to his defence this year, etc , stuff that matters and concerns true fans, and instead we get some TMZ crap.

Best part of Edwards is when he posts Steve Milton articles.


Excellent post, i told Drew just yesterday in person to lay off Avon and stick to Football, he laughed jumped in his car, put his headphones on and drove off. Nice to know we have safe drivers with headphones on Driving the city streets! :thup:

So are you saying that you don't agree with the "troll" and you are pleased with the state of the Cats and the direction they're headed. Just how much did you enjoy yourself at the last BC game? Judging by the mass exodus of fans midway through the 4th quarter it was apparent that fans had had enough of that excruciatingly boring and uninspired Ti-cat performance. I would say people have better things to do with their time and hard-earned cash than to watch Lulay entertain himself.

Some fans can see the "reality" of the situation and are completely fed up with having their hearts broken over and over.

Their are better ways to communicate your frustration ... this guy needs to think about his approach.

Dude, why are you being so negative? :lol: