Practice Squad

Any word on who got moved to the practice squad?

DB Lamont Reid
LB Isaac Brown
DE Scott Mcuaig
OT Albert Toeaina
RB DeAndra Cobb
WR Corey Grant
RB Guillard Allard-Cameus

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a year or two ago they changed the PR rules, and allowed for extra players to be on the practice roster, and also allowed you to protect some players.

Based on this list and the IR list, we still have some work to do when it comes to trimming the roster. It's about time we hid some players on the IR. Teams have abused this for years, but not us so much.

Thanks guys....just picked up on it...

I am surprised Cobb is on the practise roster. He stood out as one of the better players in the preseason. I certainly think he is better than Smith

Yah, I was dumbfounded when I saw Cobb on the P.S. Im sure theres a reason, like giving Tre smith one more chance? Or letting cobb figure out the CFL rules and such a little beter before they throw him to the game!? Anybody else have some insight!?

It might be a matter of pass protection. I am no football coach, but one area that really can affect playing time in running backs is their ability to pass protect. Can the coach trust the running back on a passing down to pick up a blitzing defensive back or linebacker? So, maybe Marcel and Co. trusts Tre in those capacities a little more because of his extra year of experience in the CFL.

Just my two cents.

  • paul

Could he not be used as a KR even, just to get a feal for the size of the CFL feald!? I really like this kid! here is a NICE TD off kickoff for him

Tre Smith was our best blocking RB last season (N.B. does not include FB's), although Caulley was pretty close.

The limit on practice roster is 7- provided 2 non-imports are included and 1 of them has to be a player eligible for cureent year draft- except for a period of 4 weeks,after NFL teams have made their final cuts; we can then have 12 during 4 weeks.-occur in September-