Practice situation - will it get resolved for next year?

Okay, folks, we are losing 1 to 1.5 hours per practice to bus travel because of this retarded lack of a permanent practice facility for the team. My question is: will the issue get fixed before the 2011 season? I take my hat off to the coaches and players for what they've been able to achieve with this understated but to my mind sizable piece of adversity dogging them all season long. But I sincerely hope that Wetenhall and Smith are working hard to secure our team a real, permanent practice facility for next year so we can cut out the bus travel and devote more time to practicing football.

Anyone have any info?

They can work out in my back yard any time they want!

Seriously though:
With all the universities and Cegeps in the Montreal area, how hard could it be to secure a place to practice?
It seems like there’s a lot of “loose ends” dangling this season that simply should have been cleared up weeks ago.
This certainly is a prime example.

Personally…I’d love to see another Grey Cup Winners Parade down St Catherine’s Street this fall.
Makes you wonder if that thought hasn’t been put on hold this year…